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My car’s front two tires needed to be changed. It came up during the yearly inspection of car maintenance which is a state requirement. It was decided that I should buy new four tires. Son found out the varying prices. Although places away from us were cheaper, I decided to get new ones from a nearby place. This way if there was any trouble with the new ones, we didn’t have to drive fifty, sixty miles away.

Trouble comes in twos, and …….. I don’t want to complete the sentence. You will soon see why? Coming back from the library I twisted my right foot. For a moment there was blinding pain, then I managed to limp to the other side of the road. For the rest of the four hours ahead I did the laundry (going to the fourth floor on stairs) as the washing machine on our floor was on the blink, and other household chores.

I was aiming to get to bed for earning my hard won rest, when my sister’s phone came. I should have made excuses, and gone to bed, but I didn’t. At the end of our hour long chat there was dreadful pain in my right foot. It was awful. Whatever position I tried to ease my foot, the pain wouldn’t go away. That was the moment I told Son at what had happened earlier. Thank God he was home.

There weren’t any pain killers, as Son rummaged through my stash of medicines first, then his own. He went to the nearby Walgreens to get Advil. Downing two of those weren’t any help. The pain kept getting worse. The thought of going through that pain all night made me decide to see a doctor. Leaning heavily on a cane through the searing pain I reached the ground floor level to get into the car.

Thank God it was just a sprain, not any broken bone. I learnt to walk on crutches. If it weren’t for crutches, I don’t know how I would have managed. The next trouble came when I got splattered with hot oil on my left hand, and chest this morning. I’m fearing what will happen next?