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Eid Mubarak

Eid greetings to all.

Son, and I went to Dallas to spend Eid with Nola (daughter) and family. IB (grandson) accompanied us. Eid ul Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan (month long fasting). This Eid was different from the previous ones. The threat of Coronavirus kept us at home, and there was no eating out.

The bonus factor was spending Eid with Nola.

Fourth of July

Last evening we went to watch the fireworks at Collin College- Spring Creek Campus, Dallas. There was quite a crowd gathered there. We had taken along food, cold drinks, a pair of rugs to lounge on the grass, and a chair for me. Nola (daughter), and FJ (son in law) had invited guests to come , and enjoy the fireworks with us.

The young ones played with frisbees, while Nola, and FJ guessed impossibly long words on hangman. Evening was fast approaching so we stopped waiting for the guests (who still had not shown up), and started eating. Soon it was going to be too dark to see what we had on our plates.

The fireworks were as late as our guests who had their comeuppance in the form of not being allowed to enter the gates, and had to wait outside.

We were sitting directly under the fireworks, and all of us shrieked the first time it happened. It looked like we would be showered with it. Thankfully nothing like that happened. Once it finished it was a problem to get out. Long queue of cars waited to leave. Our guests had left for our home. They had to wait a long time for us to come home.

If You Will Have Me

M5 who is five years old, drew this picture of herself. I was enchanted, and wanted her to give it to me, but she refused. The reason she give me — she didn’t have a picture like it of herself. The solution she suggested was that I should take a a photo of the original, and that’s what I did.

I had come for a visit to Dallas with few clothes, and I was juggling them with continuous washing. Last evening M5 asked me as to why I kept wearing the same clothes. I told her I was hoping she was going to lend me some, specially the green dress which her paternal grandma had sent. No was the answer.

Fed up with my teasing, she told her mother that she doesn’t want me to come again. I said, “Okay! I won’t be coming again.” Her mother chided her, “How can you say this to my mother.” I went outside to pluck out the crab grass, and other weeds. M5 followed me wanting to talk to me, and I wasn’t talking. I told her I would only talk to her if she let me borrow her clothes. She relented, telling me she wanted me to come again on a visit, and I could borrow clothes from her.

Children are really sweet. They can’t differentiate that a grownup won’t be able to wear their clothes.

A picture of me drawn by M5. Look at the pin in in my hijab. She drew it after her first refusal to share her clothes with me. She was trying to appease me.

She just came into my room, and gave me her own picture as a gift to take with me. Now I have both — hers’, and mine.

I will treasure them always.


The day before ——- Nola (daughter) and I travelled to Boston via a bus. We had a long wait at Fall Rivers. It was a cold, cold day. I will definitely remember never, ever travel while sick. I longed for a bed. Time stood still, and the hours moved slower than a snail.

Nola, and M1 (grand daughter) went out to see a play in the afternoon, while I snoozed. I simply refused to go anywhere. I felt marginally better in the evening. M1 had invited her friends to dinner.

Except for Tuna Kababs which were made by Nola, everything else was done by M1.

I excused myself early after dinner, but couldn’t go to sleep due to the disappearance of my iPhone’s charger. I was mystified. The last I had seen of it was when I stuffed it into my bag, an hour before dinner. It wasn’t there. I searched for it under the bed too —- thinking it might have fallen off. Nothing! It had completely disappeared from my life. I finally gave up the search. Before going to bed, I filled my glass with water, to drink it with my antibiotic. My eyes landed on my elusive charger. M1’s roommate had used it, and it was hanging in the kitchen. I was so relieved to have found it.

Yesterday I had a long wait at Logan airport, Boston. There was a strong possibility of our flight to Dallas being canceled due to snowing. Nola, and I were on different flights. Nola reached Dallas two hours later than me. She collected her car first, and then came after me. It was an exhausting wait.

If I remember this never ending day, I vow to myself never to travel while sick.



I never knew that yen means Japanese currency, or maybe on subconscious level I knew. It has now registered fully with the upper realm in my head. Interesting! I mainly used the word in the sense that I wanted something, or had a desire to get that something.

Today that thing is kale. I would love if someone brought it home to me, without my going out to buy it. I’m feeling a yen for the pesto. M1 (my granddaughter) introduced me to the kale-walnut pesto. She worked this summer on a farm in Vermont, and visited us bearing gifts 🎁 of hummus, different pestos, a basil 🌿 plant, breads, and fresh veggies.

The basil plant died while I was in Dallas, visiting Nola (daughter). It is beyond revival. I did try to revive it by changing the soil, and giving it plant food. Before my going, it was a mass of heavenly smelling green leaves. On my return I found a shriveled brown plant instead. I think it needed daily watering.

Before I went, I remember once, or twice I forgot to water it. The next day I would find the leaves folded, but when I would water it, the leaves would unfurl, and wave about in a riot of green color. Thankfully my other plants survived my absence.

Yom Arafat

The gathering at Arafat.

Today is the ninth day of Zil Haj (Islamic lunar calendar). Keeping fast on this day is considered mustahib (good).

Prayer for fasting

Last night Son reached Dallas at ten thirty at night from Houston. After New Orleans Son went to Houston to see his children, and have a meal with them in the evening at a local diner. IB (the youngest one) spent the night with him, while the older two went back home. When he went to drop IB home before leaving Houston, his ex wasn’t home, so he had to leave IB with a neighbor. He felt depressed at the plight of his young son, and the break up of his home. Son goes back on Wednesday from Dallas to New Bedford. Son, and I are spending Eid ul Adha with Nola, and family.

We decided to fast on Yom Arafat. I had what I usually eat for breakfast, while Nola (daughter) heated parathas for Son (her brother), her husband, and TJ (her son). We got up in the morning before Fajr prayer to begin our one day fast. After saying our prayers, every one went back to bed. I woke up when M4 (grand daughter) started sneezing. I couldn’t sleep after that. I was sitting reading, till M5 (youngest grand daughter) came downstairs to watch cartoons.

I’m feeling thirsty, and a little bit hungry too. I almost forgot that I’m fasting, and started thinking what to have as a snack. I hope the day passes quickly, so that we can break our fast in the evening.

The Perks

One is to enjoy the company of my grandchildren. Secondly seeing the lovely face of the youngest one- M5. She is quite a doll. Thirdly TJ (the one boy in the family of six siblings) makes exaggerated dance moves which are funny to watch. There is the annoyance too, when he tries to squeeze M5’s forearm. She SCREAMS, while he CLAIMS she enjoys it.

M5 at the beach at New London, Hartford, Connecticut.

I share the room with three of them — TJ, M4 and M5. Nola has a compact home. Nola had not thought of moving to it initially. It was too small for her family needs. When trouble started brewing in the form of blocked plumbing in her rented home, and the owner was slow in responding, it did the trick. Nola and FJ (her husband) decided to move to their present home, which they had bought earlier for renting.

Every nook, and cranny has a bookcase crammed with books.

Even my first efforts at water colors have found a place at her walls too.

Terminal Changes

The picture Naming Things hangs at Boston Logan Airport.

The airline people did a complete turn around. At the last minute the terminal changed from 18 to 29. There I was ready to board the plane from La Guardia to Fort Worth when Son came back to tell me my terminal had changed. We rushed from one end to another. I would have missed my plane. Son took me to the correct one, and then took leave to catch his plane to New Orleans.

Brooklyn, New York. A view from above.

Flushing- Queensboro Hill, New York from above.

M1, and M2 (grand daughters) reached our place in New Bedford at midnight. They had started from Washington DC. M1 had enlisted M2’s help in getting her things from storage there. It was M2’s first visit to us here. M1 had come to collect her stuff which she had left with us. The freezer contained some of her frozen food too. Son, and I were going to leave at seven in the morning. It was quite a hectic beginning of the day. Son helped both the girls in loading the truck with M1’s belongings. We managed to leave on time to catch our bus to Logon Airport. Son, and I were traveling together for the first part of our journey, and from La Guardia in New York, we went in different directions.

Son will be visiting his children in Houston after New Orleans. After that he will Insha’Allah come to spend the morning of Eid with us at Dallas, and then leave for New Bedford before noon. The plan for me is to spend two weeks with Nola (daughter). Initially I wanted to leave with Son, but Nola didn’t like my plan at all for a short stay. Nothing will please her more, till I come to stay permanently with her. That can only happen if, and when Son marries. I hope it happens soon.



I was asleep when my daughter’s text woke me up. She was the first to tell me about Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston. I got immediately worried about Son as he wasn’t home yet from his job. Soon after that Son let me know that he was on his way, but was shopping, getting the grocery we needed. 

Son told me to pack some clothes, and that we would be leaving for Dallas, as it wasn’t in the path of the hurricane. Earlier in the afternoon, I had watched my neighbor loading her car with several bags. At that time I had not known about the hurricane. I thought she was going on a holiday not knowing what was going to come. I usually watch tv in the evenings, that’s why I didn’t know.

Son told me there was a great rush at the gas stations, and long lines at the stores in stocking up on water, and other essentials. He had a case early next morning. We couldn’t leave right away as other people had done in our neighborhood. We planned to leave the next afternoon, before Harvey came at six in the evening.

It was IB’s weekend with us. Son went to fetch him. It got quite late, and in the end we didn’t leave home. I didn’t relish the idea of spending days in a hotel, plus the rush of many people on the road, and the tiring journey. 

I’m glad we stayed back, despite the ear piercing alarms from my iPhone on hurricane warnings, and the impending floods. Yesterday in the evening it was a tornado warning. Son was worried. He thought that the safest place in our apartment was the washer, dryer small space. He put chairs for us there to sit, a torch if the electricity got disconnected, bars to eat in case we got tombed in, and ofcourse water bottles.

IB the smart boy he is, pointed out to his father that his bathroom was a better place than the tiny place Son was getting readied for the coming emergency. It wasn’t safe even as the water heater was directly overhead. Son then shifted everything to his bathroom. Except for the lightening and thunder, and the torrential rain, nothing much happened. Son was stressing about the warning for two am, and that we should keep awake so that we could rush to his bathroom if the need arose.

I told Son to keep his belief in God that nothing drastic was going to happen, and we should all go to sleep in our own beds. That’s what we did. The danger is not over. The forecast is still for Tuesday. In the end we should pay homage to God to keep us safe in trying circumstances.



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Famun Yamul Misqala


Above are the last two Ayats (verses) from the Quran, (Chapter) Surah 99, Al Zalzalah (the Earthquake)

I fail to understand how can it be the norms of decency to hold a drawing contest to draw the beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) of Muslims? 

You are teaching, and giving a clear message “it’s allright to make fun of other people religious sentiments if they are unlike you in their beliefs”.

Can someone explain it to me? 

Doesn’t it violate the basic tenets of Christianity?

Coming To a Bookshelf Near You

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