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When IB (grandson) was here, he would forget to close the fridge door. It remained open for hours on end, till I visited the kitchen on some errand. At reminding, he wouldn’t acknowledge his misdeed. Someone at home did it everyday. It wasn’t me, and he said it wasn’t him, so there it rested till another day began anew. We never agreed on who did it?

Last evening my mind recalled what IB used to do, because Nola’s fridge started beeping. Son and I should get a fridge like that when IB visits us again to remind him to close the door of the fridge, after taking out whatever he wants.

Yesterday evening I was talking to Nola (daughter) on FaceTime. I was trying to remember something I wanted to tell her. The darn thing wasn’t coming to mind, and without realizing it I started tapping at my chin. Nola watching me mimicked my movements. She was laughing. It was then I realized what I was doing, and stopped. In my case the cells for recalling must have shifted there somehow without my knowledge.


Daughter talks to me on Face Time nowadays, as she is no longer in Hartford. I usually put on the speaker phone. It allows me to multi task, and hands free while talking to her, besides my hands don’t ache constantly holding the phone to my ear

Most of my neighbors keep dogs. Some are so enamoured they have three instead of one. When daughter talks, she can hear the cacophony of noise offered by the neighborly canines.

Myself, I’m attuned to them by now, and my mind barely register the unholy sound emanating from their throats. For me it’s just a background noise. It doesn’t bother me. Even if it was a source of frustration, what could I do? I can’t go around banging my neighbor’s’ doors complaining to them about their pets.

Daughter was wondering aloud today, “How can you put up with so much noise? Why don’t you move from this neighborhood?”

I want to, and I have tried, but the matter isn’t in my hands. Whenever God Wills it, it will happen.



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I like to collect fridge magnets. I wander through shops to find new ones, and add them to the collection over the fridge surface. The above one — I bought in Saudi Arabia. This one is mine. Another one, a bit different from this hangs on the side of the fridge. That one was a gift from me to Son.

I usually buy one for myself, and another one for Son, or for my daughter. Some of my magnets are gifts from daughter. She knows how much I love to get them.



Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Blog Tour


I was asked by Vee dC to participate. Please do visit her at:

I have to answer four questions.

1. What am I working on at the moment?

I am not working on anything specific at the moment. There are plans to write a book. When do I start in earnest? No idea.
Please don’t be disappointed with my answer. A book requires great dedication. Mine is nowhere in sight. I am facing health issues, and trying to deal with them.

2. How does my work differ from others (of its genre)?

I write both poetry and prose. My blog give glimpses into my own life (past, present). It’s life of SheenMeem.
Mine are lighthearted ramblings (forgive me for the sadness which occurs when I write poetry). It’s all about what happened in my past, and how I dealt with what I faced, and my present life.
This way my readers can get ideas, if they are in the same situation.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Actually my daughter pushed me into writing my blog. I wouldn’t have started if she had not literally stood on my head. My grand daughters M2 and M3 were fascinated with the stories of my life. They would come into my room, and would ask questions.

I had gone in January 2013 to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was going to be a two week stay, but my daughter made me extend it to two months. Meanwhile my daughter was onto me for starting a blog, so finally I took the plunge at the end of February 2013.

Now I am hooked. When the rest of me is gone, hopefully a part of me will still be here in writing.

4. How does my writing process work?

The early morning does help in writing. Why?
Probably I am rested enough to formulate anything in writing. I have found out if there is noise, or someone is talking in the background, I lose my connection to thoughts. I can’t concentrate, and my mind goes blank.

Next week on 9th June the same questions will be answered by Daniel and Sajeev. Both of them gallantly accepted my request. Many thanks to them.
Their blogs are:
The Hampstead Man: http://dljordanwriting.wordpress.com

My Kaleidoscope: http://sajeevkmenon.wordpress.com

Thanks once again.