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My will to resist sugary things have long ago crumbled. I’m like a famished person who hasn’t eaten for a while. As soon as I see a table laden with all the goodies I crave, I make a beeline for it. In those moments I forget the promises in all sincerity I made to myself– my plate gets laden, and it gets attacked like there is no tomorrow.

I have seen people like myself. I used to wonder why can’t they avoid sugary delights? Since I find myself doing the same thing, I can no longer blame them having a penchant for desserts. 

The more I try to avoid — the more it gets thrown right in front of me. My daughter arrived yesterday for a few days visit. The box of tea bags had finished. Instead of getting a chair to retrieve a new box of tea stored on the upper shelf in the pantry I asked daughter (was standing nearby) to get one down for me. She remarked that I had quite a few vermicelli packets stored on the shelf. In short I made the dish . 

I had more than I should have eaten.   

The left over dish:



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My sane self is very cautious about what I should eat, and what I shouldn’t. Mostly I adhere to the rules of eating healthy food, and to avoid sugary snacks. Sometimes my traitorous heart rebels, and takes over my saner self to disobey. 

Last night I quickly left the dinning area after Son sat down to enjoy his chocolate caramel cone. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to desist from getting one from the freezer. I have noticed that there has been a detoriation going on with my previous iron clad will. It’s no longer under my command. I succumb easily to eating desserts, and Icecreams. 

I will have to find a way to shore up my crumbling wall of sensible eating. How to do it I have no idea? 



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A Happy Eid-ul-Duha to everyone.

Downtown XL Center – the makeshift  Eidgah where the Eid Prayers took place.

We went to downtown Hartford for the Eid prayers. The children and elders all wore new clothes to bring a zing to our Eid.

Here I am wearing the same clothes I wore on last Eid. I have to make do with a few clothes I brought with me from Peshawar. The shalwar, qameez and dopatta ensemble comes in usage like today’s occasion.

Two Black American Ladies who had come to offer Eid Prayers 

We had a lunch get together  in a park. There was chicken barbecued outside. Everybody contributed a dish, or two. There ware two types of cooked rice, various salads, hot dogs, kababs, barbecued chicken pieces, and many dishes of desserts. It was lovely meeting new people. I made new friends among the ladies. Their enthusiasm at meeting me waned a bit after learning that I was leaving, and going back to Houston in ten days time.

From here Houston seems as far away as the moon. 




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My Journey in Food

Shaken and Stirred
by Ben Huberman
What’s the most elaborate, complicated meal you’ve ever cooked? Was it a triumph for the ages, or a colossal fiasco? Give us the behind-the-scenes story (pictures are welcome, of course).


My father was a widower till he got married again after a gap of nine years. We always had a male , or female person to cook for us. Growing up, I didn’t know anything about cooking, so I didn’t learn anything.

For the first three years of my married life, I was lucky in having marvelous cooks. They knew how to cook delicious meals, and tempting desserts.

The ax fell when my husband returned from deputation to Army life. There was no one to take up the workings of a kitchen. I was at a loss feeling overwhelmed at the change in my life.

My every meal was a disaster. Thank God my (late) husband was magnanimous in that aspect. He put up with culinary mishaps, and kept on encouraging me.

At the end of his life, he couldn’t put up with anyone else cooking except mine. He would point out, “I want food exactly the way she makes it.”