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I Would Have Flowed



If I was a river, I would have flowed

Gently down to sea

If I was a bird, I would have flown

In the deep blue sky above me

If I was a mountain, I would have stood

Forbiddingly high and mighty

If I was a stone, I would have embedded

Down into the earth so enticingly

If I was a tree, I would have soared

Into the sky feeling heavenly

I am only a frail human, standing so forlorn

Waiting for wherever my destiny will take me

(Sheen-March 2016)


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We Are Nothing

We are nothing but pawns

In fate’s hand

To be moved according to plan

We don’t know what will happen next

Will we be happy or sad to be exact

Who so ever believes

He is the master of his destiny

Is mistaken entirely 

What the Creator wills for us

Is our destiny



Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?