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Mother knows best.

No, your mother is an old fool.

The sugar in the pretty, stone jar was attracting a swarm of minute, black ants. Mother looked at it every morning, when she would come down to get her cup of tea, and breakfast. She would heave a weary, sigh with herself, and would keep mum — knowing well enough the futility of saying anything, or someone listening to what she said.

“What was the point of saying anything, when the dear daughter in law would label it as infringing  and twist the words to mean something else.”

A month later, it was the same. Deciding one day to be brave the mouse ventured in front of the lion, “If you want to keep sugar in this jar, better put it in a plastic bag first with its’ opening tightly closed. The ants would be unable to get into it”.

As she suspected would happen — the sugar remained in the jar, the way it was kept previously. More ants converged daily in having a sugar party.

Mother ignored, and kept silent.




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