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A Rabbit vs a Mouse

IB (grandson). This image of him was made by TJ (my daughter’s son)

I have Masha’Allah four grandsons, three belonging to Son, and one belongs to daughter. IB is going through the phase which is really annoying, having a haircut in which one eye is covered all the time. He looks at you through that curtain of hair.

Son, and I had IB for a month stay, in which Son was mostly absent from home, and I had IB to myself. I wanted IB to extend his stay to one more week. Although he wouldn’t get out of his room, except for numerous forays to the pantry, (where all his goodies procured by Son were) or the fridge. I would get the feeling I wasn’t alone.

After my asking him to stay, a phone message was received by Son to return him to his Mom the same evening. Another disappointment to face!

Believe me, before going he wasn’t worried 😟 about me on my own, but he was worried sick about the fate of the resident mouse in our garage. Son was laying traps for the blighter before leaving for LA for another case. I wanted IB to remove it (I’m very squeamish) once we were lucky enough to catch it. I know I will cower with fright, and scream when I see it, and If no one is there to remove it I will be frantically waiting for Son to come back.

IB put a question to me, “Would you kill a bunny (rabbit)”?

If I had known what was coming next I would have thought over my answer. “No never”.

“Then how can you think of killing a mouse 🐁. It’s so cute. Have you looked at its’ face. It looks just like a bunny”.

My answer was that he couldn’t compare a rabbit with a mouse. In his effort to convert me to his point of view, he wanted me to look over his mouse photos on his iPhone which I refused to see.


Guests were visiting. One lady wanted to visit the bathroom. I guided her, and left her to arrange the tea trolley, and make tea. Later on after the guests left, I found wet sandals lying in the dressing room. I realized who did it. The guest should have asked me for bathroom slippers to wash her feet instead of ruining my footwear. Apparently she needed to make ablution for prayers, and not finding any bathroom slippers she decided to use mine for washing her feet, and thus ruining my footwear.

I find guests like the above vexing in behavior. I can never dream of using someone’s hairbrush, or comb, but that’s what one lady did, when she visited unexpectedly. Coming to call her for tea, I found her using my comb, and poking among the various items lying on my dressing table. Annoying!

Another time I found the wardrobe doors opened, and my things spilling out from it. I felt murderous towards the family I had invited to dinner at our home. Now what were they up to?

At other times I have tried to ignore when guest’s children open the fridge, or pantry door to grab foodstuff they like without asking for permission first. You will think it’s their home not ours.

I can go on, and on ………

Free Download

I’m into sewing projects, and when I find a sewing item I like, I want to download it, and save it for a future project. I feel disappointed when it turns out it was just a promotion gimmick. My time gets wasted, which I could have used for something better.

I would like to put this question to those people who play hoaxes on unsuspecting persons, why do you do it? It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Why advertise as free download? If the project price is written beforehand, and I don’t feel it’s worth it, I won’t click any further on it.

I often forget my passwords. I write them down in a notebook. The above thing happened on a site called Craftsy. Searching my notebook for the password I saw a cross on it. I thought maybe it wasn’t the correct password, so on the site I mentioned that I have forgotten it. After resetting, I went on the site, and found which had been a free download, I would have to pay through pay pal for it.

Only then I understood why I had put a cross on it.


Good manners are the mark of royalty, that’s what I was told as a child. I was instilled with proper etiquettes — how to sit, how to walk, and most important how to behave. Sadly that’s no longer the case with most people I come across. Rude behavior appalls me, and I’m left thinking something must be very wrong with me if every time I take it to heart someone’s rude behavior.

Most of the time, I try to overlook as in the case of youngsters. I blame it on their thoughtlessness, but what about the older generation? Common courtesies are not followed, as standing when a lady enters a room, or greeting her first. It may seem trifling, but my late husband was a true gentleman in his behavior. Secretly I used to be irked when I would see other men not behaving the same way.

Back home youngsters are told to greet their elders first when they see them, even if they don’t know them. Here they don’t say a word. They behave as they are not in the room. I’ve grown immune, and I behave the same way as if I don’t see them.


I have a video of it in a VHS cassette. It’s lying in the spare room, which used to be my sewing room. It now holds all the household junk with which I can’t part. Some day, and somewhere in the realms of my mind there lurks a hope — maybe the things there turn out to be useful. I’m sure that’s not the case, but still I can’t throw away.

My late husband, my dear, darling daughter, and I had gone to spend a few days in the Northern Areas. I don’t remember the exact location for it’s truly a long while ago —but it definitely holds a place in memory.

They had a bet that if Nola held her finger in the frigid water of the stream for five minutes, she would get five thousand bucks. She had several attempts at it, laughingly allowed by her father each time she wanted another try.

She was sourly disappointed!


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Wanting to take a photo of the lake, I couldn’t go through. The area was off limits by the plastic rope going round the trees.


Taking a photograph while in a car, traveling at top speed isn’t a good option. Son for once took pity on me. He took a detour, and stopped at some parking space to let me explore the place in hunt for some photographs.

Looking for a way down to the shore, I came across the rope extending over a large area, and couldn’t find a way down. Highly disappointing! I climbed back into the car to continue with the journey.

Son for once sensed my acute disappointment. He stopped suddenly in front of a house on which there was a for sale sign. There were wooden steps downward to the shore. The ducks in the water were doing their own exploration.

This video doesn’t exist


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Snow storm outside


We (Son and I) were looking forward to a visit from Nola (my daughter). Last we saw her was in Houston, about six months back. She came for a brief visit from Dallas. We were eyes deep in packing. Son had accepted a job offer in Cape Cod, and we were moving. Originally we thought we would make Fall River our home. Son searched for apartments, when he came back from Peshawar at the end of December. His joining time was 6th January. He didn’t find any suitable apartment, and decided to rent one in New Bedford.

Nola let us know that her stay was going to be brief, and she was staying for only two nights —March twenty first, and twenty second. Along came a warning for a blizzard. I was busy in the kitchen cooking her favorite foods, so missed her text about coming.

I kept glancing outside, and getting worried at the ensuing storm outside, and how she would drive from Boston in it. I wish I had seen her text earlier in which she said that she had postponed her coming. I was worrying myself needlessly. Anyway it was better to be safe than sorry. The storm was raging over Boston that day, and flights got cancelled.

Today I was thinking how quickly time has passed since last I saw my daughter!



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First impressions don’t last with me

Why is that you tell me

Feelings of disappointment linger, and hold

Inside my heart, and they sadden me

Shown your true colors at last

Wish that had happened when you first met me

It’s like I have descended within the pit of hell

Burning bright is the fire consuming me




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