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Dear Son, my sacrifice is in vain. It doesn’t help. I moved far away from you so that you won’t have to spend a little of your time with your widowed mother, which your soon to be ex wife didn’t want.

Sometimes sacrifices don’t help

They are in vain and a person suffers

Going through a torment of grief

Disillusionment and sorrow

And moments filled with pain

May happiness come your way again

May your life be filled with peace

May you see a bright morrow

Ameen. (Sheen-May2016)



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Never Again

Never again I will be naive
Trusting someone with my heart
My secrets, my fantasies
My likes, dislikes

When I am let down
I feel the kick
Left to me are
The wounds to lick

I feel anger
Like goes away
Never to return
Trust gets lost
And tears remain

In response to Daily Prompts.Daily Prompt, Never Again