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Daily Prompt

Please tell me how to connect to you. My posts fail to appear on your page. I miss the daily prompt coming in my e-mail. The URL was written in it. I would link to it, after writing my blog. Since, I don’t get your daily URL, I fail, at connecting to you.

I thought the problem would get solved. Please don’t mind, but I am accusing you of turning deaf ears to my plea.

How do I join you?

I had to find today’s prompt, which is, ‘What food I like?’

I have written so many times about it. The topic has become a bore.

Daily Prompt


A few days back I visited TJMax. I liked a purse. The color brown was exquisite. 👌 My d in law,who was with me there, advised against my buying it. She said that it was too expensive and I could find something like that elsewhere. I brought one at Macy’s, but now I am suffering heart pangs (I am clutching my heart) over the one I didn’t buy. I wish I had that one.🙍

Sometimes I intensively dislike my indecisiveness. What should I do? This has always been the bane of my life. Why am I like that? I do ask myself. I see people around me including my daughter make up their mind in seconds and then they stick to their decision. I agonize and think. I should do this thing or not? Should I buy this thing or not?

I have noticed this, if someone is with me and sort of urges me to make a quick decision, without fail I get double minded over it. What I will do is ——-Take My Own Time.