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A view of Son’s previous home. I had to delete the overall view to keep out its number.

Son’s house in Sugar Land went to his ex after his divorce. He let it be, because of his three sons. Mushrooms would occasionally show up on the front lawn. I was tempted to gather them, but I didn’t know whether they were safe to eat, so other then to take a photo, or two (looked through photos, I must have deleted them) I didn’t pluck them. 
My late husband’s sis in law K was fond of mushrooms. They grew abundantly on her father’s agricultural land. We tasted those mushrooms, when husband, and I visited with his brother A and his wife. I wish I had asked K for the recipe. The taste was simply divine. I have never come across mushrooms cooked so deliciously. K died in 2004 of breast cancer, while A died recently on November 6. They had no children. A used to go, and lie beside K’s grave for hours on end. He didn’t marry after his wife’s death.

Today is the end of our internet, and Son, and I are leaving on Monday. I will try to post via my phone’s hot spot if it’s possible. It may be a week I will be able to visit my favorite blogs, or write. So bye for now. Be safe, and be happy. Sheen.



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