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I don’t feel enthusiastic in doing DIY work, but trying to pinch pennies— in my case paisas (they don’t amount to anything worthwhile),  I am working on the bathrooms in my Peshawar home. I reached here at the end of November. Most of my plants are missing. They probably gave up, and my garden wears a desolate look. 

Since then I am battling dust, and grime. I only have one more month in which to tackle the various issues which forced me into coming. I hope everything gets resolved before I go back to Houston. I am relying on God to help me.

I finished my bathroom first. It looks as good as new. The windows, and door got a lick of paint. Before that I had to remove the tons of dust accumulated on the windows sill, and got a handful of it in my lungs. I am perpetually sneezing now. I had to call in a plumber to open the drainage in my bathroom. He charged me a hefty fee for work in two bathrooms. Water had stopped coming in the taps in the second one. I had mentally prepared myself for major work, but thankfully it didn’t come to that. He knew his work doing the essentials, and managed to save me a lot of money. 

I dread doing the grouting in the second bathroom. All that bending is giving me backache. At night, when I finally reach my bed, and my back straighten up a bit, I am thankful I survived another day.



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This story is about eight years ago when my daughter let me know that she was arriving in Peshawar in a week’s time along with her husband and kids from Virginia. She intended to stay with us for the children’s summer vacation. Her husband was due to go back after a shorter stay. For the duration of his stay they were staying at her in-laws.

I went to look at the upstairs bedroom, and get it ready for the visit. It hadn’t been in use for quite a while. The curtains were dusty, and looked more grey than white. First step was getting them off their railing. As I couldn’t manage to wash them by hand (which I always did with them — they were quite delicate), I threw about four of them into the washing machine. I should have known what to expect? They looked tattered in places, and could no longer be used. Now eight curtains remained. 

The room required twelve curtains. It had two large windows. Obviously I had to run to the shops to find something I liked for curtains. I did have  a mishap in one shop, and injured both my knees. That’s another story. I had to beg the shop keeper where I bought the curtain material, to have them ready in a week’s time, which he promised.

After taking care of the curtains, my attention was on the condition of the room. It needed a new lick of paint. My dear, darling late husband wasn’t in agreement with me. His words were that Nola was coming to spend time with us, and she didn’t need a room do over. Was I trying to impress her? The remark did annoy me.

I got the stuff required and started on it myself (heroically). The walls were fifteen feet high, and at times I had to stretch myself all the way up (my five feet, one inch frame), from the top rung of the ladder. I had to do the bedroom, dressing room, and the bathroom.

There I was in paint spattered dirty clothes and not fit for company, when my husband announced un-expected guests. I was terribly embarrassed, and had no time to change into clean clothes. Back in home country doing DIY work is considered a man’s job, and people think it’s weird a woman doing that. I wish he had told them I wasn’t home that would have been much better. 
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Skills I Need

I Got Skills
If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


Getting by the skills, I already have

The ones I need, are the icing on a cake

To paint, DIY, and to play a piano, or guitar

Are the few, I would love to partake