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The Egg Yolk Story

Today— second day in a row, my egg for breakfast had two yolks. Is it good, or bad? You decide!

Most people I know discard the yolk. My late husband, and I tried having only white, and throwing away the yolk. I was keeping him company in eating the white. He was following doctor’s orders. He did it for a month, and then left it. I followed suit.

Why be a martyr, when the person who is supposed to be eating whites only isn’t doing it?



When I went to live in Charlottesville in February 2016, I became friends with my daughter’s friends. Nola had lived there for quite a while. She had a beautiful home in Crozet, which she sold this year. My late husband, and I visited her in this house in the summer of 2010.

When Nola had purchased the house, the basement wasn’t done. When she learnt that we would be coming, and would stay for a while, she quickly did up the basement for us. The basement had a bedroom, bathroom, a tiny kitchen, a giant size living area with a huge tv and a computer room. She had also installed a washer and dryer just for my use, so that for washing I didn’t have to climb upstairs. 

The patio doors opened to the outside area. She had even put two deck chairs on the patio for us to sit, and enjoy the marvelous view. She did all this to tempt her father into staying permanently. We went back home to Peshawar in September, and learnt that her father had stage four cancer. The next two years went in a blurry of sadness, and pain.

When I bought my own small place, I became friends with all her friends. They invited me to lunches and dinners. I invited them too to a lunch. One lady A who is a doctor, and teaches at University of Virginia arrived early before the other guests.  I had completed my other dishes, except for the rice. She is an Egyptian American. She watched with interest as to what I was adding to my rice. 

I like mildly spicy food. My main spices for adding to the rice were cumin, cloves and large cardamoms. It turned out that A boils her rice, and that was the only way she did hers. It was a revelation for her, when I sautéed the onions first, then added chicken pieces, spices,  chickpeas, rice and raisins. 



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Lofty Dreams

As an astronaut I would have roamed through space

As a doctor I would have looked after the human race

My lofty dreams never materialized 

I became a homemaker by God’s Grace

(Sheen-November 2016)




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My Backpain

Not for Thee
by Ben Huberman
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you wouldn’t give to anyone else? Why don’t you think it would apply to others?


About three months ago I was having severe pain in my lower back. In my mind I tried to find out a reason for it.

Having no insurance, I kept putting off a visit to a doctor. The pain was getting unbearable. It was at its worst in the mornings when I got up from bed.

My first thought was to change my bed, and buy a new one. It was bought a year back, so probably there was nothing wrong with it.

Finally I couldn’t ignore going to a doctor. The doctor turned out to be a very sweet person. She allayed my fears of my kidneys giving up on me (my chief worry).

She prescribed two sets of pills. One was to be taken at bed time only, and the other twice a day as long as my pain persisted. I took the medicine for a month. I was sleeping day, and night.

I couldn’t exist that way for the rest of my life, I discontinued the use of the medicine. The pain returned.

I was talking to my daughter on the phone (a daily ritual), I grumbled to her about the whole thing. She came up with a solution. She told me not to put weight of one leg over the other one. She told me to extend my top leg, while sleeping on my side (as in fig. B).

The next day I felt better. I can’t give this advice to someone else. The symptoms, or illness may not be the same. But my daughter’s advice worked for me.