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The Open Doorway

The lady next door opened her door. Trough a little crack, she looked at me. I needed to ask her a few questions, that’s why I had knocked at her door. I am moving, and wanted information about how much rent a tenant pay so as to get some idea about how much I would be asking.

Neighbors do knock at each other doors in time of need. Like once my downstairs neighbor knocked at 10 pm at night. She wanted to know whether we were smoking. That was in February, and I had newly moved in. My daughter was still with me. She was about to leave in a couple of days. We assured the neighbor that we had never done any smoking during our whole life. Her apartment had smoke in it and she was trying to find the cause of it.

My next door lady and I had met outside a few times. She would bring her dog outside for a run. I had asked her at that time. “How many times you need to bring your dog out?” I was feeling curious. She had replied, thrice a day, and once during night. At heart I had wondered at her stamina.

She is a widow just like me, and living on her own. She shifted at the same time (three months back) as myself to a new beginning. 

Going back to the day I knocked at her door, she didn’t remove her chain. She was so paranoid as if she didn’t know me beforehand. Her action was deflating to say the least. Apparently she couldn’t give me a few minutes of her time. Seeing her reaction I quickly excused myself and left.




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A Bowl of Soup

Daily Prompt: An Odd Trio
Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.


Chris had taken (for a few days) a cottage on a beach. He wanted a respite from his daily grind at work. Someone had recommended this place. With anticipation of enjoying his leisure hours, he spread his towel with the cat motif, on the deserted beach. No one was in sight, except for an odd sea gull flying far out to sea.

He sat down to have his bowl of soup. Oh Hell! He had forgotten to bring out a spoon. He put the bowl on the towel and went inside the cottage. He must have spent a minute or two, but a stray dog had been quicker than him. He was lapping up the soup.

There went Chris’s efforts … …… He sighed, and went inside again to heat another bowl of soup for himself.

A Bowl of Soup

My Sis

I made a cartoon on my previous blog and I was worried. You will ask why? Simply because my sister is a stickler for truth. She will be at you like a dog gnaws at a bone, if she notices a slight discrepancy in what you say or do.

That cartoon was based on a friend, who visited after a gap of eight years.

My sister and I discovered each other later in life. She was away living with grandma. When she joined us (father and the other siblings) Baba (our father) passed away. We were together at uncle’s house, but I was busy with exams and got married soon after I finished.

We took baby steps towards each other in the ensuing years. I can say that now we are friends. We got to know each other. Unlike me, she dresses beautifully. She looks immaculate even after a twenty-four hours long flight. I wonder how she does it? In comparison, I look like a scarecrow. She cooks like a dream. Her house remains tip top. Sadly, she suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and is heroically battling it.