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I’m in the final stages of doll making for my three years old grand daughter M5. I made an initial mistake in not noticing that a contrast wool was needed for the dress. I didn’t look up the pattern properly, otherwise I wouldn’t have missed it. 

Yesterday I stitched the doll’s hair to it’s head. The hair are not of uniform length. Some are short, while others long. M5 asked why her doll was having blue hair? Blue hair looked more pretty, and matched it’s shoes. Now M4 who is eight years old is asking for a similar doll. She is more into boyish pursuits, eternally following TJ (brother) around.  I never thought she would be interested in a crocheted doll. I will have to find time to make one for her too.

Son was busy, and wasn’t free to go with me to the shops. I do need the contrast wool, a tapestry needle, buttons for the eyes, and red embroidery thread for making the mouth of the doll. I’m so used to Son accompanying me on drives for the past one year, I hesitate in driving alone.




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The Spools Doll

By Hand
by Ben Huberman
What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special.

Our new friends when we were first posted to Abbotabad were, Col and Mrs. Q, and their daughter Talat. They lived in their own house on the opposite side of the street from us. Our home was a rented one.

Mrs. Q, and Talat lovingly befriended my children, and I. We were in, and out of each other houses on a daily bases. Either they came over after eleven, or I would go over to their place. Mrs. Q made the the best cups of tea I have ever tasted.

My first handmade gift came from Talat in the form of a doll. This was a special doll carrying spools of thread, a scissor, and needles. It came in very handy, and hung in a corner near my sewing machine.

I had the doll with me for many years till 2012. I parted with it when I cleared away many things from my home.