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In front of my home in Peshawar, my late husband made a garden of roses. The roses disappeared slowly since his death in August 2012. No one looked after them. Only the cluster of lofty, towering trees remain. Sparrows, doves, pigeons, crows, cuckoos and eagles have nests among the sheltering trees.

Early in the morning, before the sun rises, a cacophony of sounds emerge from the trees heralding another morning. There is a rise, and fall as hundreds of birds chatter incessantly for a brief period. 

Do you think it can be called murmuration?



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I don’t need to rule the universe. I have my own small kingdom (my home) to rule. That’s enough work for my shoulders to bear.

Being the ruler entails (besides other duties), keeping guard over the huge upstairs verandah. What do I guard it from? Birds.

The Cuckoos were the first to think of the verandah as a possible home for themselves. And where were they trying to nest? Over the two ceiling fans.

I had to sweep away grasses, and twigs from the area below the fans as many times I came outside. They were keeping an eye on me. The minute my back was turned, meaning I was gone inside, they would swoop down from the top of the roof, or from the trees outside, and start building their nests again.

Shooing them away was a full time job. Soon others of their kind like sparrows, and doves got the same idea. They made sneaky forays into my tiny kingdom –all trying to build their nests.

Whenever I was away from home, and came back after a few days, the whole verandah was littered with their efforts of nest building. Some were in a great hurry. They laid their eggs into their hastily built homes, and the eggs would roll down. More mess for me to clean.

I wonder what’s the situation now that I have been away for two years?😕

Festivus for the Rest of Us

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.