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Daily Prompt: Discussion Enders
We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time, make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger.

I never have the appropriate retort when someone decides to let me have a barbed zinger. It’s hurtful. Words fail me, and I look at a person at loss what to say.

My son’s room in our village home have two single beds instead of a double bed. Before ordering the furniture for his room I had asked him as to what he would like. This was when he was studying for his Engineering degree, and he wasn’t married.

He didn’t want a double bed. His best friend Ilyas would stay sometimes at our home; so he said he would be uncomfortable sleeping in one bed with his friend.

One relation came on a visit. She did a tour of our house. On seeing my son’s room, she asked why single beds?

She remarked after my explanation, “S deserves to be bashed on his head by the bride on his wedding night”.

I was taken aback by her rude words, but didn’t say anything in reply.

I wish I had said, “When his bride comes, and is not happy, she should buy herself a bed, or bring one in dowry.”

This lady had set her sight on S for a possible son in law.


My Sun, My Life

Daily Prompt: Born to be With You
Got a soulmate and/ or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.


The moment M had met Bret, she had fallen in love. It didn’t matter, that she was a Muslim and he was a Christian. It was the same for him too. He waited for her to finish her work. Over cups of cappuccino they introduced themselves to each other.

A few days later, she invited Bret to dinner, to meet her parents. Her parents were liberal minded. They had forgotten their religious injunctions, where as boys and girls can’t date.

Bret wanted to marry M. The only hurdle was religion. A Muslim man can marry a Jew or a Christian girl, but there are restrictions on a girl doing the same. Bret was so much in love that he didn’t listen to his parents’ objections. He opted to become a Muslim.

Their wedding was on a lavish scale. M’s parents gave a house, furnishings, car and what not to their daughter in dowry. M’s parents paid for their two weeks honeymoon trip to Turkey and Itlay.

After coming back, every day was blissful for them. They were two souls alike. They liked the same things. M adored her husband.

M had a friend Dee. They had graduated together and had been best friends since childhood. Dee had a breakup with her boyfriend. They had lived together for three years. Dee was inconsolable with grief. M invited her to come and stay with her for a week or two.

One day M came unexpectedly home, and found her best friend in bed with her husband. The eight months marriage ended. Her best friend and her best husband moved in together.

M had a breakdown. With her parents’ love and support, she is trying to get over the betrayal of her best friend and soul mate. Thankfully, there is no child to suffer the loss of a father figure.

My Sun, My Life