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In my nightmares I am catapulted to the year I lived in uncle’s home. It wasn’t even a year, only ten months. When father died, my two younger brothers, sister and I were underage. The court granted custody to our older paternal uncle as a guardian. Our this uncle was married to our maternal aunt. 

I escaped uncle’s home by accepting marriage to my late husband, but my siblings had a prolonged, miserable living with uncle, and his family. Sometimes my sister, and I reminisce about those times in our lives. She has terrible nightmares, worse than me. 

In my dreams, I am back in uncle’s home. Aunt is glaring at me, and telling me off. The feelings of dread, and despair weighs down my heart, and I’m back to an unhappy existence.

I wake up, and feel totally disoriented, “Where am I?” Then the realization strikes that I am no longer living that life. I feel happy, and breathe a sigh of relief. It has been many years, but the dream still occurs. 

In my world sorrow, and happiness exists side by side.



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The after world is a mystery

Only solved after death

Sometimes I am sanguine 

At other times I dread

What’s going to happen next?

I pray in the mornings, evenings, and nights

Noons, afternoons, and at other times

The prayers are my elixir

For heaven above




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There is a stark contrast between night and day

With the light of the day my fears recede

And they go away

When evening arrives, and darkness creeps over

The fearful dread of the night takes over

Gloom and doom fill my heart

Though I try to brush the awful feelings away

With dread and trepidation I do cower

Then morning and lightness comes my way

I’ll be alright I believe with fervor

(Sheen- March 2016)



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