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Dreams I had dreamt

They disappeared

Leaving no trace behind

They were just thoughts

Figments of imagination

Hopes to which I aspired

No longer attainable

And I have stopped

Thinking of them

Letting them float away

Out of my reach

Out of my life



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When under stress

The fear of the unknown 

Claws into my heart

I immerse myself in dreams

To will the terror away

And try to find calm instead




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While in Peshawar, I kept seeing my late husband in vivid dreams. After months of absences, suddenly he kept appearing almost every night. In the beginning I would forget the dreams once I woke up, but there was a strange sequence to them.

In all of them he looked annoyed. Previously in my few dreams (since he died), I always saw him smiling, talking in the background to other people. He never spoke to me directly except for one time. (I wrote about it in the beginning of my blogs).

Coming back to the recurring dreams he stopped facing me. He stood with his back towards me, all the time radiating his annoyance. I couldn’t fathom the cause. I had paid a visit to his grave after reaching Peshawar along with my daughter. Had given alms in his name. Held Quran Khawani for him, and distributed food in his name. I couldn’t find any wrong.

And then it dawned on me. Due to shortage of time in the morning, I had stopped saying my duas for him after my Fajr prayers. 


 May God Bless him. Ameen.



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Lofty Dreams

As an astronaut I would have roamed through space

As a doctor I would have looked after the human race

My lofty dreams never materialized 

I became a homemaker by God’s Grace

(Sheen-November 2016)




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A Land Faraway

My husband will never return

Cause he has gone to a land faraway

Can he ever get back to me

I don’t think he has any say

I can’t reach him however I try

My dreams can’t make him stay

Does he ever remember- the children and I

Or his memories have gone away

Even if he wills, and would like to be back

None have come back from the land of the dead anyway

He was a part of my life which is over

Only his memories are going to stay



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