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What’s There To Gain?

Life is a mystery, so hard to solve
My strength is on the wane
I feel so lost, losing hope
At the end, what’s there to gain?

Why do I feel, so cheated of my dreams
I never aimed for the whole sky to opine
A small, little spot, would have sufficed
My own niche, for me to define

Why don’t I feel life in me?
Am I already dead?
Lifeless, lying on the ground
Is my soul gone ahead?


What’s There To Gain

An Infinity Away


Sixteen seems, eons away
The brown haired girl, got lost in time
Where she went, what she did
Is a blank image today

Everything was different, feelings and thoughts
Pristine like sand, on a summer day
An innocent soul, oh! so naive
Dreams and reality, all mixed anyway

The feelings were, I could touch the sky
Life looked better, an infinity away
The sands of time trickled down so fast
The dreams got milled to sand anyway

An Infinity Away

Reach High

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself!
Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?


Learning to draw, learning to write
And for the poetry, to shine bright
What’s going to happen? No one knows
Hope for the dreams, to stay all right

This talk is between the duffer and the wise one in me.

“At one thing I am good!”
“At what?”
“Is it okay if I brag a teeny bit?”
“No…….it’s not the done thing, you moron!”
“Okay I won’t.”

I love Needlework and Craft. I was always doing one project or the other, but now I don’t want to burden my eyes, so I have given it up.

Reach High