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My car has low mileage, so son prefers we use my car for running errands. Son forgets who ends up with the gas bills? Me — correct! He doesn’t pay a dime.

We had gone to a friend’s party. The minute we reached, a tyre went flat. It looked like the left front had a puncture. At moments like these I’m thankful to God that I live with son. I don’t remember the exact lesson of changing a tyre from the driving academy I first attended. It was years ago, and this was the first time it happened to my car. Son discovered that he couldn’t change the tyre. 

He couldn’t change cause of the missing key of the locks on the tyre. He searched for it within the dashboard where last he had seen it. It appeared that when he had left the car for some minor work, the mechanic must have removed the key.

No key meant no change of tyre. We drove slowly back home at the end of the party. I had to pay for a new key, and new anti theft locks the next day. At the dealer it meant spending one fifty bucks to remove the old locks, so Son took us to a low cost garage where twenty bucks did the job.



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