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I can’t describe in words the feelings of utter relief I experienced on a momentous day in my life. Coming back to Texas, I put off for as long as possible to get a driving license. I had my home country’s license but the ninety days period soon got over whereas I needed a Texas license. Friends asked me, “Have you taken your written test?” I would say no. The reason was the it was the driving test which I was dreading. There is a time limit where one has to appear after doing the written one.

Son drove me mad by parallel parking his way. Believe me it meant I couldn’t possibly pass the test, cause each and every time I did it, I failed miserably. The first day he took me to practice, it was the nearby mosque. He left me to offer his Salah leaving me alone. My arms ached where as I did the wrestling with the steering wheel. Despite that I was miles away from the curb as I parallel parked.

When Son would say let’s go parallel park, my heart would plummet down to my shoes. I was convinced I was a dummy of the top order. There was no way I was going to pass. 

I confessed to my examiner that I couldn’t possibly pass. She asked me to come an hour earlier before the test so that a driving instructor would teach me how to parallel park. He taught me in a few minutes the correct way to do it, whereas the memory of those two weeks practicing would always be a nightmare.

I was relieved the day I passed my driving test, and finally got my Texas DL.



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I Banned Myself

A Variety Show, and dinner was being held at our Army Ladies Club. I had been attending it from the day we landed at Peshawar. Many a time, I thought of leaving it for good, but would think it all over again. I kept attending meetings, dinners and functions. After all it was a way to meet old friends, and enjoy a few hours of each others’ company.

I reached the gates of the club. It was an Army Officers Mess which we used for the meetings.  After getting thoroughly investigated by the guards on duty at the gates, and showing them my ID and driver’s license I was allowed to pass through. Our way of life changed with the advent of terrorism, making life difficult for us.

I usually parked my car inside the premises of the club, but on this particular day the sentry wouldn’t allow me, even after seeing my car had all the requisite stickers on it. I asked to see his senior. He came, but it was still a big No. I left with my cheeks burning a bright shade of red with anger. My (late) husband was astonished to see me home within such a short time. He expected to see me after nine in the evening.

I banned myself from the club from that day onward. If I had to park my car on the roadside, and it wasn’t allowed inside,  I had no need to go back there.




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The Prejudice Phase

I had gone for the test at dmv. I entered the building, and stood in the line enclosure. There wasn’t anyone else. The man in one window motioned me forward.

I took out two utility bills to show my valid address, social security card, resident card, my driving license from my home country. The man refused to accept. I was at a loss to understand what else to show.

I told him that was all what was needed, and what I have been told to bring along. He made me wait for thirty minutes before he gave me a ticket to wait further for the test.

The way he behaved gave me the jitters. I wasn’t in a good place. The result I failed my test.

I have not gone for another one yet. I don’t want the above experience again.

Was he against a woman with a scarf which showed who the woman was, and he disliked?

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In Due Time

What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?

There is just one word for it — stressed. I try not to think what’s waiting for me back home. For the past year, and a half I have been waiting for my Resident Card so that I can leave. The waiting has stretched my nerves to shreds.

I have tons of issues waiting for me to be resolved back home. One of them is my driving license. It expired in October. Last time I went to renew it, was five years back. My (late) husband won’t be there to accompany me. Believe me, it’s an ordeal to stand in line amongst men for hours on end.

Peshawar is a city full of dust, and the tons of dust I will have to remove horrifies me to no end.

There are many issues I have to face. Main one is, my Army widow pension. With my coming here it has stopped. The amount of running to be done is making me distressed already. I try not to think about it, and push it to the back of my mind all the time.

Naturally when all my issues are resolved, I will be feeling relieved.