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I can’t describe in words the feelings of utter relief I experienced on a momentous day in my life. Coming back to Texas, I put off for as long as possible to get a driving license. I had my home country’s license but the ninety days period soon got over whereas I needed a Texas license. Friends asked me, “Have you taken your written test?” I would say no. The reason was the it was the driving test which I was dreading. There is a time limit where one has to appear after doing the written one.

Son drove me mad by parallel parking his way. Believe me it meant I couldn’t possibly pass the test, cause each and every time I did it, I failed miserably. The first day he took me to practice, it was the nearby mosque. He left me to offer his Salah leaving me alone. My arms ached where as I did the wrestling with the steering wheel. Despite that I was miles away from the curb as I parallel parked.

When Son would say let’s go parallel park, my heart would plummet down to my shoes. I was convinced I was a dummy of the top order. There was no way I was going to pass. 

I confessed to my examiner that I couldn’t possibly pass. She asked me to come an hour earlier before the test so that a driving instructor would teach me how to parallel park. He taught me in a few minutes the correct way to do it, whereas the memory of those two weeks practicing would always be a nightmare.

I was relieved the day I passed my driving test, and finally got my Texas DL.



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It’s a Tricky Life

Isn’t it tricky I didn’t pass my road test. The first time I waited for the car to pass. It was quite near. After it passed, I moved into the left lane. The examiner lady said, “You waited too long”.

Today was the second time — the same test. I put on the left turn signal, and moved into the left lane well ahead of a car in the same direction. The lady examiner said, “you shouldn’t have done that”.

On next test day I will be sweating–my nerves shred into tiny bits. Please remember me in your prayers.



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Today was the last day of my getting driving lessons from my driving instructor Mike. As I have written before driving is totally a different experience back home. 

My nerves have gone haywire when I am in the driving seat. Today Mike had me changing lanes frequently at high speeds. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t difficult. But the first moments did seem difficult. He told me to take deep breaths to calm my nerves.

He gave me the thumbs up sign for now, but he did say I stunk in driving when he arrived the first day.

I hadn’t really driven (in practice) a car from 2011-Feb 2016. When my late husband had become sick, we were totally dependent upon a driver. Then the last three years I spent with my son in Houston, he was not letting me buy a car. He would say, “Mama! You don’t really need a car, when I am there to take you around”.  Although in reality I waited a fortnight for him to take me anywhere.

I can only pray that my nerves don’t fail in the tests I have to take before I get my Virginia license.


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