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Third Time Is a Charm

I wanted to learn how to drive a car, but my (late) husband was totally against women driving. I couldn’t change his mind. Most of our life together he wasn’t available. I had to wait for him to come home to take me for grocery shopping, hospital visits and other miscellaneous things to be done.

By the time he allowed me to enroll in a driving school, it wasn’t necessary – I had a driver available to take me anywhere. I gave the test but didn’t practice and drive as a learner.

A few years later, I asked my children to help me learn. They weren’t very helpful. I gave up the idea when I drove the car onto a pavement. The car and I, both were fortunate: no damage done.

Then the time came when my husband had to have open heart surgery because ninety eight percent of his arteries were clogged with plaque. How was he functioning? That was a mystery.

I enrolled in a driving school again. Fortunately for me, my driving instructor was an angel in disguise. He had an encouraging attitude in teaching. Besides that, my husband gifted me with my own car.

The third time worked for me.
Daily Prompt : History of Language

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”