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A nearby river in Hartford. Photo taken by daughter.

As I fell into a river

And was soon adrift

My brother pulled me out

He was really very swift

Rescued me from drowning

Gave back my life as a gift




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Human life is so fragile. It can be taken away in seconds leaving heartbreak.

They had come to spend a weekend with their father’s friend and family. Saima, her mother, older sister Farah, who had come from London for the holidays, and her twin brother Asif. The twins were fourteen years old. They were going back in two days time.

The pool lured them to come and take a dip. It didn’t look deep. A day before Asif had watched small children playing in it, shouting and shoveling each other, and playing ball. 

Where the new comers lived they didn’t have a pool. No one was beside the pool except the twins. Asif got into the pool. It was three feet deep. What he didn’t know was he was standing at the deeper end. The other end where the children played was the shallow side.

His foot slipped, and suddenly the water was closing over his head. Gasping, he shouted to his sister to help him. Without a second thought, Saima dived into the water to save him from drowning. 

Saima was found face downwards floating in the pool. When they took her out she was already dead. Trying to save her brother,  she lost her own life. Asif’s body was recovered from the bottom of the pool. Both didn’t know how to swim.




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Near Mishap

Daily Prompt: By the Skin of your Teeth
Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster.

After my mother’s death my younger brother and I lived for a few months with our elder uncle. We came back to live with father. My younger brother was three years old at that time. Father couldn’t cope with him so he left him with our grandmother. My brother would run after any woman, crying and calling, “Mama, mama”. It was heartbreaking watching him.

Father then decided to put me in a boarding school. On the way there we stopped for lunch at a rest house. A fast running river was right beside it. It turned inside a little bit and then outside again.

The water was clear and you could see a lot of fishes, big and small flitting inside this man made estuary.

After we had lunch we came out and stood watching the fishes. The path was wet where we were standing. I was fascinated by the fishes and edged a little bit forward. I don’t remember how it happened my foot slipped, and with a scream I went headlong into the water to join the fishes. It was a terrifying moment. I was gulping water.

My elder brother got hold of my one foot. He tried to drag me out but the place was slippery and in all likelihood he would have been pulled inside the water too. Both of us didn’t know swimming. Father alerted by the scream came and helped to pull me out.

My father and brother kept hugging me, thankful for my narrow escape. I would have drowned.

Near Mishap