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I can’t remember road names. These roads keep changing their names. For example it is Kirkwood on one side, and straight ahead it get changed to Dulles. How am I supposed to remember? It’s difficult for me. Houston is an amalgam of cities. Highway six keeps turning up, or does the disappearing act

Son thinks by now I should be well versed with all the names. He has invented a new game. He asks, “What’s ahead on this road?” For the life of me I don’t remember as I am concentrating on driving, so I make a guess. Oh! It proved correct, though it was a wild guess. I can call it a lucky one, otherwise he was bound to be disappointed with me.

I’m going to be charged for my mistakes. The minute their  number goes to ten, I have to feed him baked chicken wings as a penalty. Son is pleased with the situation. If I am not ready by a specified time, he starts counting. Till today my mistakes amounted to seven. Son is eagerly waiting to find more.

At the grocery store the man looked puzzled at chicken trays Son left for me to pay for. I explained to him these are my penalties for mistakes I have done. He chuckled as he ran my bill.

For any mistakes I make I vehemently try to deny. He is ever ready to find them, and I at the other end is in a state of constant denial.



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