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Eid Mubarak

Eid greetings to all.

Son, and I went to Dallas to spend Eid with Nola (daughter) and family. IB (grandson) accompanied us. Eid ul Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan (month long fasting). This Eid was different from the previous ones. The threat of Coronavirus kept us at home, and there was no eating out.

The bonus factor was spending Eid with Nola.


We had Eid yesterday. I had my tenant problems to deal with back home in Pakistan. He hadn’t paid the rent for three months. I was like kind of mad at him for not paying his dues. The last day of month long fasting had taken its toll, and as evening approached I was fatigued beyond measure.

IB (grandson) devours potato crisps night, and day, but anything homemade with potatoes in it, shies him off. For him, I made a mixture of chicken cut into bite size to fill into the samosas dough I had prepared earlier. When I put two chicken filled samosas in front of him, he refused to eat them. I threatened him with giving him aubergine to eat. I had made a dish for Son, and myself. IB had to decide — which he preferred. He ate the samosas.

I have found giving him alternatives to eat, lessons my period of agony over his not eating anything. He makes his own choice which in turn gets me less grief. I don’t have to prod him into finishing the meal on his plate.

Uncooked samosas waiting to be fried.



My second visit to Hartford,CT started on 21st of June. I came to spend Eid with daughter. Yesterday we celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr after our month long fasting of Ramadan. Son had arrived for a three day visit, while I will be staying till 18th of July. Daughter, and son-in-law are plotting together to extend it to August, or to some distant day in the future. 

The day began with the visit to the local mosque at eight in the morning. We said our Eid prayer, and then listened to the ensuing sermon. After that, breakfast was served. We collected grand daughter M1 from Bradley Airport, and then drove to Bridgeport to catch the ferry to Port Jefferson, New York.

Nola and family thought all the fun was spending time on the top deck. I couldn’t sit alone in the cabin, I had to unwillingly join them. They thoroughly enjoyed the terrifying gusts of wind, which I liked only for a space of few moments, and then hated for the rest of time.

Son-in-law took pictures. I was in two of them, and in one I look hideous enough where my short hair stand up in the wind, and eyes are shut close. Son in law gleefully showed it to me as one of his masterpieces though I would have liked it to be deleted. I like pretty photos where relatives in the future will look at them without seeing terrible mug shots.

My sister who lives in Long Island, NY had filled the huge island in her kitchen with trays of various food from one end to the other in preparation for our arrival. I had trouble deciding what to put on my plate.

Our return journey by road took longer hours to come back to Hartford.  Friends of son in law were waiting for us to join them for dinner. I think I had more food in one day than throughout the rest of the previous month. 



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Choose Your Adventure


Today is the first of Ramadan. Our thirty days fasting have started. At the end of Ramadan, we will have our first Eid. My daughter will be reaching Washington today. She wanted me to spend Eid with her, but I can’t abandon my son, and grandson to their devices, as my son’s wife has gone to Peshawar for the summer vacation.

For the last two years I haven’t bought clothes. There are shops in downtown Houston where my kind of clothes are available. Buying clothes back home are a lot cheaper, more variety, and better quality too. The added advantage by having them stitched by a tailor for my size. So I won’t be having new clothes for Eid.

But that’s not a pressing problem. The one actually is that I have to decide what to cook for our evening meal.

I stare into the contents of the freezer. Should I make Chapli Kababs from the minced packet of meat, Gen Tso from the chicken breasts, or Tikkas from the mutton packet, or simply make spinach chicken.

Which will it be?

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Getting Seasonal

The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?


Our Muslim holidays are the two Eids — Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha.

The Eid holidays get shifted ten days ahead every year, cause of the Lunar calendar followed.

Eid-ul-Fitr comes after Ramadan (30 days of fasting). I keep forgetting on Eid day that I am not fasting, and can drink water, and eat food. One feels stuffed with only having a bite, or two. Our bodies get so used to fasting.
One benefit of fasting is, white sparkling teeth, because the whole month during daytime no food passes your mouth.

We (my (late) husband, and children) were coming back to Lahore from Charsadda during the first day of Ramadan. We took a small break for resting at an Army Mess on the way. I called the waiter to bring iced water for the kids. My husband, and I, we were both fasting. The children were too young to fast.

I poured water into a glass, and instead of giving it to the children I had it myself, forgetting my fast. Eeeee………it was so embarrassing, and that too in front of the waiter.😙

The second one Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated at the end of Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims offer sacrifice in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abrahim) sacrifice.

On both the Eid days many food dishes are prepared for guests. We visit relatives, and friends, and they in return visit us.

As a child, I look forward to Eids. We would have new clothes for Eid, plus getting Eidee (term for money on Eid day) from grown ups. As a grown up the fun of Eid is no longer there. There is only work, and more work.

At the end of the day one is tired, and longs for bed.