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Last year Son, and I were invited by ( daughter) Nola to Hartford to spend Eid with her, and her family. Son only stayed for two days. He was worried that if he took a few days leave, he would be kicked out of his job. We were planning to go to Lake Compounce, Sycamore Hills and Ocean Beach Park. We let him go. Poor Son! He missed the fun, and all for naught. The very next day he was told that he was laid off. If he had taken some days off, at least for a few days he would have enjoyed the activities.

All this happened last July. Son was without a job for two months. He got a job at the end of September, but with less pay. Thank God we managed to get by with paying Son’s spousal, and child support, lawyer’s fees, rent, bills and so on with my savings. We never knew that barely a month later, Son would be again jobless. Again we managed to get by, and in the process used up all my savings.

Coming back to our visit to daughter, whereas Son wasn’t with us, I enjoyed all the outings with the family. Nola’s youngest M5 who is three years old, drew the above image of a quartet for me. The smallest one is she, the other one is M4, and the two others are her mother and father.


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Wish you a happy Eid.


At the critical moment when my flat bread (roti) was underneath the grill, the Chapli Kababs were getting nicely browned in the frying pan, the smoke alarm started screeching. Startled I jumped a mile high — no that wouldn’t be correct to say, a few inches from the floor won’t be far from truth.

The sound was deafening. I’m always taken aback by the noise, and for a few seconds I remained immobilized with shock from the ringing sound. The trouble is there are five of them in our small apartment. When one starts ringing, all five join in. Smoke was billowing out from the roti. It was getting more burnt, as I stared at it in actively for a few moments. I rescued it from further burning from the grill, pushed the exhaust button before I rushed to the balcony doors to throw them open.

It would have been a perfect picture of me,  if someone was there to take a picture.



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As my yearly excursion to daughter draws nearer, I’m getting panicked. She wants me to spend the coming Eid with her. It’s still a month, and a half away. I wanted to beg her to let me off with visiting– but then she dropped a bombshell. She would be again moving further away. This was the deciding factor in buying a ticket to spend some time with her.

The thought of being subjected to the hassle at the airport throws me into panic. The only option left was traveling by road which is exhausting to say the least. 

The cartoons say it all.

Cartoons Credit: Google



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As I flew to New York to see Nola (my daughter), and her family, and spend Eid with them, my son Shelly left for Haj. I went prior to his leaving. Made him food for the few days I wasn’t there to cook for him, and put the boxes in the freezer for him to have home cooked meals. Unlike me, he loves to eat outside. The only thing is, it doesn’t agree with his digestive system.

Both my children have created a dilemma for me. Nola wanted me stay with her in Hartford, Connecticut. She has moved back from Saudi Arabia. Her youngest is not yet three, and Nola is scared of baby sitters, and daycare centers alike.

Shelly looks haggard, and is on the verge of a collapse. Back from Haj, he coughs like an old man. He is understandingly going through a lot of stress because of his divorce. He misses his children, specially the youngest one IB.

I want both my children to stay in one place. Whoever needs me, I will be able to spend time with him, or her. Nola is a snowbird. She is like her late father. The colder the climate, it’s the better. Shelly likes warmer places. They are poles apart.

A day befor my flight back to Houston on the 24rth of September, I was wavering between what to do? I felt monsterous on leaving. I told Shelly, I was thinking of changing my ticket. My son’s voice shook as he answered, “what about me?” 

Is there anyone who can create a doppelgänger of me?




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The Heat is On

Just keep on plodding —- whatever works.

My mind sometimes work, then at other times a complete blank. I started writing two years back. Before was years of inactivity (after college).

I am in a hurry as my daughter, and family wants to attend a carnival. Yesterday was Eid. For lunch we all were invited to a friend’s home. We returned home in the evening.

We will come back home late, as we have to attend a dinner after the carnival. That’s why I am trying to answer the prompt now. Feels


Here are quotes for this day which Akhiz (ahkizmunawar.wordpress.com) wanted from my side. Sorry, I am not tackling it in the right manner, but “something is better than nothing”. This means one quote.


The Heat is On

Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best.

What Are You Thinking?

When I read the prompt, this is what happened. I peeked into my grandson’s room. He was fast asleep. Obviously I couldn’t wake him up to ask what he was thinking. If I had woken him up, he would have been irritated beyond anything.

I can foretell what his reply would have been. First of all he would have eyed me with great suspicion, as to why I was asking him, “what he was thinking?”. Next he would have asked, “why are you asking me?” After going to great lengths, and assuring him about having no evil intentions whatsoever, he would have muttered, “nothing”.

I have saved myself from the above happening. 

Then I waited some more for my son S to wake up. We had planned to go to World Food to get the necessary eatables to stock the freezer, and pantry shelves. Next week my daughter Nola, and family arrives to spend Eid with us. Eid is on eighteenth of this month.

Nola waited expectantly for S to announce that we will be going to Roanoke, but S can’t take a leave, so Nola decided to come after all.

No sign of S yet. It’s 11.30 now. I gave him a call. He will give me a shout when he is ready. No chance to ask him as to what he is thinking.


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It’s summer here in Houston. The hot sun tries its best to burn you to a cinder. To escape this fate you have to stay indoors. Needed chores push you out, and coming inside, it feels like heaven. I wear summer clothes throughout the year, except for a few weeks in winter.

I am looking forward to Eid, which is probably on 18th July (I am not sure of the date). Today at Sehri (4.48 am), my son did the calculating, and today is our 13th Roza (fast). How quickly time passes.

My daughter Nola wants us to spend Eid with her at Roanoke, VA. But my grandson can’t miss his summer classes, and my son can’t take leave. So for the moment we are not going anywhere.

Nola argues with me saying, “they are not babies — you can leave them to fend for themselves”. She wants me to spend Eid with her. I will be joining her (Inshallah) for two weeks in August to spend time with her, but she is not appeased.

Coming back to summer heat, when I switch on the fan, it feels chilly, and when I shut it off, it gets warm (I am not lowering down the temperature on the thermostat). What I do is — I alternate between switching the fan off, and on again. 


In the Summertime

If it’s autumn or winter where you live, what are you most looking forward to doing next summer? If it’s spring or summer where you are, what has been the highlight of the season so far for you?

Not Working

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A home maker has always work to do at home. She never retires. It’s for life.

We (my husband and I) were having guests on Eid day. Making my home sparkle with cleaning it, and preparing a spread for the guests had taken its toll of me. I was dead tired on my feet, and was wishing for the day to end as quickly as possible.

I said out aloud, “Men are lucky. Once they retire, they have it so easy. Us women never retire from housework.”

The male guest said in reply, “R can have someone in your place, you can then retire.”

I got his meaning. It was that I should permit R to have another wife in my place.

What a dreadful reply!

I felt like pouring something on his head.


Only Two Rings

Daily Prompt: Finders, Keepers?
While walking on a beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do it?
Under what circumstances would you keep it?

Photo Credit: Google

While walking on a beach, I have never found any cash or jewelry. I did find two rings and some cash else where. I found one ring at a party. The second ring was lying on the floor in my bedroom.

One of my friends RB had given a party. She was celebrating the passing out of her eldest son from PMA. All the invitees were gathered on the terrace of her home.

Near my foot I saw something sparking. Bending, I picked it up. It was a gold ring studded with rubies. I sought out RB, and give her the ring. She then made an announcement. One woman claimed it. To be on the safe side RB asked for the description of the ring before handing it over.

It was Eid day. Many friends and relatives had come to our home, to wish us “happy Eid”. After the last guest left, I went to my bedroom. I found a beautiful diamond ring at the foot of my bed.

Only two among the guests had used my bathroom. I dialed one of them first. It turned out to be her ring. She was over joyed that I had found her precious ring.

The cash was lying on my bed. I was wondering at how so much money had reached my bed. Our guests were still in our home. A child had been playing with his mother’s purse, and had left it on the bed.

It never came to my mind to keep the money or rings. My conscience wouldn’t have rested in peace.

Only Two Rings