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Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times
You receive some wonderful, improbable hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?
Show Celebration.


Happiness and sorrow live side by side. One moment you are feeling on top of the world, and the next moment you are down under….

For me every day is a celebration.

Celebration to be alive.

Normally I receive my daily prompt about seven in the morning. Today I took a look at it after nine while I was having breakfast. I was thinking what to write, when a phone call came about the death of an uncle. You can imagine what happened to my thoughts. They got scattered like particles of fine sands on a beach.

I recall an occasion to celebrate was the birth of my grandson TJ. My daughter, already had three daughters. When she phoned to tell me, tears started running down my face.

It was a momentous occasion.

Here is my poem to Celebration.

It was a happy occasion to celebrate
Hearing the news, we felt elated
The worries fell away, happiness was there
The air danced around us, we felt feted

Everywhere around us happiness reigned
Tears were there too, but joy abound
We felt airborne upon the good news
Laughter rung out at celebration new found


Images Credit: Thanks to Google