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She looked into the mirror, and saw her red nose burnt by the sun. Her eyes went to the woman who was her mother. She stared at her smiling mother for a while, and thought, “Will I be as pretty as her someday?”

“Of course darling! You are a lovely girl”. Her mother lips caught in a smile promised her silently. A string of pearls adorned her neck. Her hair caught in a chignon looked beautiful. Her face looked flawless, and her timeless beauty gave her portrait an eternal grace.

Time is elusive as it goes on. Years later a little girl gazes at her reflection. Her braid is partly undone. Her grey eyes looks into the eyes of her mother, and ask her, “Will I look someday as pretty as you?”




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Only There Are Memories


The smell is heavenly
A lovely smell
Heart breaking and evocative
Memories well

I try to catch it
Taking deep breaths
Elusive and enticing
Is the smell

Transports me to a world
Which exists no more
The world of my childhood
I can’t enter no more

Alas! I can’t have
I want it with fervor
The gates are closed
Gone forever

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