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To Catch My Dreams

I’ll hang a dream catcher to catch my dreams

Won’t let them fly away to another world unseen

Should tethered them firmly inside my head

To keep them for years for eternity ahead

Won’t ever let my dreams to fade, and go away

To empty air, and dust untread

Bright, and glimmering giving rays full of hope

That maybe some day they will come true instead

(Sheen, Aug 2021)


Who can cheat death when it comes along

None I can say

With its deathly silence it holds you in its grip

Taking out your soul

While you close your eyes and sleep

Till eternity



I looked past your cheating

I wanted you happy

Did it matter

I wasn’t happy at all

So I turned the other way and left

Trying to forge a new life

Working past the pain

Now the time has long gone

For you to think of us together again

Once trust is broken

It can never be whole again





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All About Me

My father named me two names. My blog’s name is its translation into English. Flower is the second part of my name. Gul means “flower”. Breezes is the first part of my name. The Pustho name means “the early morning breeze”. That’s how my blog’s name came into existence.

I was visiting Riyadh, where my daughter is located. It was nearly four months after my husband died. She wanted me to start a blog. Mainly she wanted me occupied with something now that I was on my own.

I was telling her that I had forgotten English, how was I going to write anything?

Up till my husband’s dying, my life existed all around him. If I was going somewhere, he had to be there too. He wanted all my attention entirely focused on him. He couldn’t function without me. Suddenly, he was no longer there, and it seemed time hung on my hands.

My daughter wanted a part of me when I am gone. She wanted to hold onto some thing concrete. When people die, you wonder whether they were actually here in this world. A person, who is living, and breathing becomes a memory only. A time comes when memory starts fading. And the person you loved most, fades away too, and is lost in time.

Writing is the only thing which is left till eternity for all to see. My blog is my footsteps in time.

All About Me

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Words to Wind You

Daily Prompt: Sounds Right
This is clearly subjective, but some words really sound like the thing they describe (personal favorites: puffin; bulbous; fidgeting). Do you have an example of such a word (or alternatively, of a word that sounds like the exact opposite of what it refers to)? What do you think creates this effect?

One of my favorite word is eternity. It washes peace and a forever kind of sound on me. Then it also reminds me of one of my favorite perfume spray: Eternity, which is kind of fabulous.

Obstinate brings right in front of my eyes, those mulish characters who are set like rocks in their thoughts and ways. They won’t budge from their stance even when they know they are in the wrong. More like a donkey when you are trying to move it forward, and it doesn’t move.

Rotund has two meanings; round and fat. It conjures up Adnan Sami Khan (a singer whose voice I like), who was fat and round till he met his second, or maybe third wife, and decided to take a crash course in dieting.


Now he looks better.


Jerk brings to mind a person who is totally unhelpful. A contemptible, obnoxious person.
It also means a sudden movement, or lurch.

Lean suggests thin, or lanky, but it also means resting against something for support.

Grave and grave.
First meaning: he wore a grave countenance meaning very solemn, stern, somber.
Second meaning is of course the spot where one lies in peace.
I have chosen my last home on earth beside my husband, but that is not final. Where I die, probably I will be buried there, and that only God knows.

Then there is Bass, which is a kind of fish, and its second meaning is voice.

The English language ties a layman in knots with its double meanings and pronunciation with words like entrance and entrance, towers (tall) and towers, minute and minute (small), project and project, wind and wind, and putting and putting (golf).

Still trying to find my way in the labyrinth of words.


Credit Adnan’s photos: Google.