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Yesterday I made a dish of bitter gourds. I prepared minced chicken meat, and left the bitter gourds on boil after scraping the outer skin from the outside, and removing the seeds and white pith from the inside from each one. Although they were on low heat, the water in the pot dried, and they were slightly burnt by the time I came back from reciting my evening prayer. 

I was having the bitter gourd dish after a lapse of nearly three years. Son doesn’t like it, and I normally cook what he likes to eat. He had left at 3pm to catch a plane for San Antonio. Poor thing! His flight was delayed. At nine I received a text message that he was finally sitting in the plane. Another message came when he landed there. I was glad for his sake that he would be able to take some much needed rest before facing another grueling day on Saturday.

I was dismayed at the turn the bitter gourds had taken. I cut the burnt sides, chopped the remnants, and added them to the minced chicken. It was simply delicious!



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