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Bad Experience

I have never in my life of traveling experienced what happened to me at Peshawar airport. I had bought a one way ticket to Jeddah from Houston to perform Umrah. My daughter (with whom) I was taking the trip looked after me all the way to Mecca, then onwards to Madina. I had to buy another ticket from Madina to Jeddah, and then onwards to Peshawar.

I had two options. One was to fly back to Houston, and another was to stay a while in Peshawar to wait for the prices to come down, and then fly back. I had unfinished business at Peshawar. My accounts were frozen due to inactivity. I had to reactivate to get my pension. I had to see to the house (the man I had hired to do the painting, and distempering of my home on the outside) had not done the work.

My returning flight was at three in the morning. At the security checkpoint the woman took me inside the cubicle. She groped me in the breasts, squeezing, pinching with fingers, hurting me, three times. I told her to stop hurting me, to which she replied, “I’m doing my duty.” The fourth time she was going to do it again, in desperation I pulled my shirt up, and asked her what she was trying to do? At that she stopped. I have a one inch gash there.

I have never suffered such an indignity before. I was in tears, when I walked out. Now I wish I had given her a slap, and asked to see her superior. After going through this now I understand why in moments like this one doesn’t know what to do? Sitting down in my wheelchair, I held my head in my hands till the man pushing my wheelchair took me to have my luggage checked in.

This memory is going to stay with me. I will never be able to take a trip from that airport again.


Yes! I do believe evil exists. How to combat it?

Seriously I don’t know. As a helpless person I ignore it and wish it will go away one day on its own.

The ones who top evilness in my eyes are those who portray themselves with holier than thou attitudes, and than go on to blast a religion and its followers to perdition. What can be worse than that?

Evil are those who promote violence and mass murders in the name of religion and creed. Evil are those who are the true face behind the upheaval created by them, and hide themselves thinking no one knows. Evil are those who breed hatred in the minds of people, and a day comes and the hatred erupts to cause loss of lives and assets.

Evil are those who create  monsters, and let them cause havoc and destruction on helpless mankind.


Wicked Witch

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.


The Moment Gone

Today’s topic is really a sobering one. One lives in the moment, and forget what the stark reality is? It stares us in our faces, but we choose to close our eyes to it.

I have one or two things in mind. I hope, that I am able to do them. I will write about them, when I do them, not before. It’s no use writing about them, and then putting them on a back burner.

After that, I will thank the person, who with lies and hate, made me remember, what I should do before I kick the bucket.

Sometimes, the evilness of a person spurs you to goodness.

Sorry for the gloom and doom.

I am including the dances videos to spread cheer.