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When IB (grandson) was here, he would forget to close the fridge door. It remained open for hours on end, till I visited the kitchen on some errand. At reminding, he wouldn’t acknowledge his misdeed. Someone at home did it everyday. It wasn’t me, and he said it wasn’t him, so there it rested till another day began anew. We never agreed on who did it?

Last evening my mind recalled what IB used to do, because Nola’s fridge started beeping. Son and I should get a fridge like that when IB visits us again to remind him to close the door of the fridge, after taking out whatever he wants.

Yesterday evening I was talking to Nola (daughter) on FaceTime. I was trying to remember something I wanted to tell her. The darn thing wasn’t coming to mind, and without realizing it I started tapping at my chin. Nola watching me mimicked my movements. She was laughing. It was then I realized what I was doing, and stopped. In my case the cells for recalling must have shifted there somehow without my knowledge.