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I won’t have any

I won’t expect

From people

From fate

Can’t deal with disappointment 

Why face?

(Sheen-Feb 2017)



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No sincerity is there in your words, or deeds

For all I know, you have changed from bad to worse 

What have I done to deserve this fate

What course I should take to remove this curse

To put on track my lost life, and live

And leave behind all this dreadful mess

(Sheen-November 2016)




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Don’t wait for me I won’t be home

Have lost my way on the trek home

Have to go elsewhere on a journey far away

You can’t see me for a time unknown

Had longed to be back fate did intervene

Changed my route to a new way shown

My footsteps falter as I stumble on the trip

None to hold me close, have to travel alone





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He couldn’t see beyond her mein

A colorful web bond him unseen

He drew nearer and fell into the dark depths

Slowly fate unraveled unforeseen

A life thrown away, without mercy trampled upon

Tears and lament for what life could have been

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Foggy Mirror


Past shadows pushed me into sorrow

Memories of rainbows pulled me though

What went in my life, what remains

My life experiences, the whole info

I am a pawn in the hands of fate

And the mirror is foggy, it won’t show


Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?


We Are Nothing

We are nothing but pawns

In fate’s hand

To be moved according to plan

We don’t know what will happen next

Will we be happy or sad to be exact

Who so ever believes

He is the master of his destiny

Is mistaken entirely 

What the Creator wills for us

Is our destiny



Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?


This is my Fate


I am disappointed beyond words with life, myself, and others as well.

On a hopeful note I take everything in my stride, and think, “Oh well! This is my fate”.

If God says it happens —— then it happens.

So I can’t blame anyone for my fate.

Wish you all well.

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What Could Happen?

Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario
Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today?


Thinking of worst case scenario means, tempting fate. Even if nothing is going to happen, you think of it, and the deed is done.

Yesterday the microwave stopped working. Time to get a new one. You can imagine the misery we are going through.

The worst thing which can happen today, is that the flush won’t work. It’s a nightmare. It means trips to to the downstairs bathroom, when the need arises. There you are banging at the door, and the elder one, or the middle one is in there having a jolly good time with his iPhone. The earplugs are in place, and they can’t hear you.

The last time the flush was not working, I made a paper sign, and put it on the lid, “Don’t use.”

The youngest, IB didn’t look at it. He removed the sign, and used it. It bubbled right over. There was a huge mess to be cleaned.

What Could Happen?

My place beneath the Sun


Have you ever come across this feeling? You are surrounded by people and you feel alone, helpless and frightened. Whatever they are saying is just a babble in your ears. You are hating every thing around you. Want to curl up someplace and leave the unbelievable sadness behind you. You can’t escape from the surroundings around you. The feeling is ghastly and terrible. Even the breath you are taking seems a great effort and while you are taking it you choke. Believe me it is a nightmare.

This was 3rd Aug 2012, the second day of my husband’s death. Day before my children and I had brought his dead body to his ancestral village. His wish was to be buried beside his mother’s feet. We buried him in the evening. I felt utterly alone. The husband who was my Rock wasn’t there anymore. Fate had removed him from my clutching hands. My hands were empty. I had nothing to hold onto. How did I know that he will suddenly give up on life. I thought I will still have, some time with him. Time which was never meant to be.