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The Last Time


I don’t have a book to my name yet. My daughter keeps on urging me. When will a book materialize, I simply don’t know. Here is an idea of a book:

Raffia had come to attend her brother’s marriage in the village. She had not wanted to come, but had no excuse not to attend her only brother’s wedding festivities. 

It was the morning of the wedding, and Raffia couldn’t be found. She wasn’t in her room. Tons of terrible thoughts assuaged her mother. “Now where she could be at this hour?”

This was the first time she had come to her parents’ home, after her marriage which took place nine months ago. She looked happy. Her parents were visibly relieved at her happiness. They had forcibly married her to a man of their choice.

And now she was missing.

Read the story “The Last Time”, and find out what happened to Raffia.



Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.


Giving Up


I have answered this prompt two-three times previously, so I am writing a story.


She felt like having a photograph. The idea appealed to her. She liked him. His younger sister willingly gave it to her, when she asked for it. She kept it at her bedside. It was comforting to have something of him, plus it brought him nearer.

Days went by, and she noticed him around other girls — talking, laughing, sharing, or whatever. Her heart wanted this too. He never had time to seek, or sit beside her. He never tried to talk to her. He was avoiding her, though at the time she wasn’t aware of it. Was she in a haze? Maybe she was preoccupied with worries of her own.

One day her friend came for a visit. He was so enamoured by the girl. He pulled his chair close to her friend to talk. And suddenly it dawned on her that he had no feelings for her.

A pain engulfed her. That night she couldn’t sleep. She wondered at her own stupidity. How could she have been so blind? How did she let her own infatuation grow?

The loss tormented her. There was no respite. She shed tears feeling bereft.

Next morning she got up feeling numb. She picked the photo, and silently returned it to his sister.


If I Had a Hammer

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

What Happens to Me

Daily Prompt: The Great Divide
When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Crying, sitting huddled up — that’s me.
Did anyone said anything to me?
Has any misfortune befallen me?
Has there been any bad news?

No, no, no.

So why am I crying?

You won’t laugh? Promise?

Okay, I am reading this book, and this is what happened ……..

There was a time when I could read: fiction, non fiction, biographies, thrillers, murder mysteries, historical books, anything on which I could lay my hands.

My heart has gone frail over the years. I only read light fiction now, very occasionally non fiction; someone has read, and recommended.

When I am reading fiction, anything bad happens, I console myself, “these are just words. Nothing happened, it’s imagination.”

Reading non-fiction I cry when something untoward happens. I feel sad, and a heaviness settles around my heart. I can’t shake the sadness away.

That’s what happens to me.


You Belong With Me

Part One.
Imran was in his fourth year of Medical College. He liked Aeysha from day one, when he had first met her. The four years of studying together, had brought them closer to each other. He had been to her home, several times during the past year. Aeysha’s mom always hugged him, and her father would chat and joke with him, like he was his own son.

Imran was waiting for them to graduate, before asking her parents permission for their marriage. He was also looking for an opportune time to talk with his father about Aeysha. He felt strangely bashful, discussing the topic of his marriage, with his own father. He kept putting off the talks.

The College closed for the summer vacations. He was home with his parents. His mother had prepared all his favorite dishes. His mother pampered him, being the only son. He had two older sisters, both married having their own family life.

As they were having their dinner, word came that his father’s close friend Tahir, (had been sick for a while) had taken a turn for the worse. They hurriedly finished their meal, and left for the friend’s house.

It was a dismal scene. The friend’s wife and daughter Lala had tears running down their faces

Imran’s father bent over his friend Tahir to hear his last wish. Imran heard his father saying, “It will be done, as you wish.”

With a look from his father, Imran’s mother took out a heavily worked, red, kamdar dopatta from her bag. She dropped it over Lala’s head. She hugged and kissed Lala with the announcement, that Lala was now betrothed to Imran.

Imran’s heart filled with anger at his parents’ high handedness. He had never thought that such a thing would happen to him. Nobody would ask his opinion. He unwillingly, subjected to Lala’s mother’s embrace. Inwardly, he was cursing himself.

A minute later, Tahir breathed his last. Sorrowful cries rent the air. He saw his father sobbing for the first time in his life. His own world had disintegrated, right before his eyes. (To be continued……)

Next Friday, 2nd part.
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You Belong With Me


A Pleasant Surprise

Daily Prompt: Brilliant Disguise
Tell about a time when someone had you completely fooled, where the wool was pulled right over your eyes and you got hoodwinked, but good. Was it a humorous experience or one you’d rather forget? What was the outcome?

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Engagements and marriages take place with the consent of parents in my part of the world. This is one such fictional story.

In family get togethers Neelofer had often seen Rehan. His parents were family friends. Being a shy girl she never joined the set where he would be smiling and joking with her brothers and cousins. Occasionally, they would come face to face, but with eyes cast down she would quickly pass.

Lately she could feel his eyes on her, but when she looked, he would be looking the other way. It did strange things to Neelofer’s heart when he was looking at her and she would feign she hadn’t noticed. She had a painful jolt to her heart when her cousin Sara told her that Rehan’s engagement would be announced soon. She couldn’t fathom her own feelings.

Her graduation was due next month. Her mother had asked her about anyone particular she liked but Neelofer had kept quiet. This meant that her parents were free to decide on her behalf.

Her final exam was over when she reached home that day. Mother told her about guests coming to dinner in the evening. Neelofer was tired. A load was off her mind because of the exams. She wanted to be excused from meeting the guests, but mother said she would have to be present.

Neelofer resented the guests’ coming that day. Why couldn’t they come another day? She couldn’t do anything about it. She helped her mother with the preparations in the kitchen. When everything was done, both mother and daughter went to get ready for the guests.

The guests had arrived by the time she came downstairs. She was feeling undecided whether she should go in and greet the guests, when mother came out. She went with mother inside the room. With surprise she saw Rehan’s parents and sister. She said Salams to the guests.

Rehan’s mother Fauzia hugged and kissed her on both cheeks and made her sit by her side. Neelofer’s eyes widened, when Fauzia took out a beautiful diamond ring, and slid it on her ring finger. There were sounds of Mubarik from everyone. With a joyful flutter to her heart, she met Rehan’s eyes (who was smilingly looking at her) and then shyly looked down.

A Pleasant Surprise

Sixteen Birthday

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen
Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.


Abid’s mother looked at the front door for the umpteenth time. He was still not home.
“Why isn’t he home?” She muttered to herself.

Abid knew his mother had made preparations for his sixteenth birthday. His three friends had been invited. She had bought an iPhone for him as a present. Nadia, his little sister who was nine had bought a wrist watch. Now both were impatiently waiting for him to be home.

An hour before Abid had taken his dog Red to the near by park for his daily run.

Suddenly there was a sound of Red barking outside. Abid’s mother hurried to open the door. Red gave another bark and turned as to tell her to follow him. She and Nadia followed him and on the crossroad they saw someone lying.

A car had hit Abid and he was lying crumpled on one side.

With sinking hearts mother and daughter approached Abid’s still form. There was no pulse and he was no more.

Sixteen Birthday


My Soul To Keep

It was like the devil had taken my soul to keep. I let the bomb rip through her pretty head. I forgot my vow of secrecy to my husband. I forgot what I was taught, while growing up. Never hurt anyone with words or deeds.

Her face fell. She was shaken beyond words. The guests’ eyes were on me, shocked at my brutal words to her. No one could have imagined the gentle me, capable of such a callous behavior.

Did remorse touch me at the sight of her face? No. I was beyond caring. I was done with her.

With an assumed nonchalant air, I came out of the room, and went to call my husband, so that we could leave.

I had heard her talking to my husband, belittling me behind my back. My husband was laughing and saying, “Is that so?”

I was furious. I thought she was my best friend. With shattered belief I recognized her for what she was. She was a snake behind her wily charms.

That’s why I let on what my husband had told me not to divulge.

Her husband was having an affair with his secretary.

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