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Fifty Years

When my children were young, one huge worry was— Will I  live till I am fifty? It haunted me. No one knows what is in store for them. I could only hope and pray. With the early death of my own mother, I didn’t want my own children growing motherless. To me it was the biggest calamity which could happen in a child’s life.

Most women in my family had died young. My aunts, maternal grandmother, mother — they didn’t survive. Thanks to God, I hanged on despite the many operations in my life.

After fifty I look back at life. It is a bonus.




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Not To Be Moved

DP Challenge : Fifty


Wink, wink. Come on, it doesn’t matter.

Surely, you are not doing anything wrong.

I am wishing you take me.

Why don’t you do it?

You are not sure?

Why not?

You have to take care.

I never knew, that you will refuse to eat a slice of chocolate cake.


Not To Be Moved

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