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Murray Lakes

We went to Oklahoma for a two days stay at a rented cabin. I had a bedroom to myself, although the children ragged me that I will be sharing a bunk bed with them. No way!

FJ (Son in law) was in charge of making burgers outside on the grill.

We went on a trail down to the lake for the children to try fishing. A lone 🦆 was enjoying the cold, wintry evening on the lake. The children tried to catch a few fishes, but weren’t successful. The fishes must have been hiding at the depths far below. Nola (daughter), and FJ remained busy with trying to to teach the young ones to fish. A cold wind blew making me shiver despite my warm clothes. I hid behind the bark of trees trying to get out of the full force of the wind range, while the kids thought I was doing some witchy rituals to keep warm. M5 found a rubber 🐠, and came to play with me in throwing it at me to catch. We played for a while till the grownups, and young ones decided to leave.

Nola stocked up on water, orange juice, ice creams, cereals for breakfast, milk, tea, oranges, grapes at the local Walmart. Laden with pizzas for our dinner, we returned to the cabin.

Next day we got up late. After having our breakfast, the kids played, and the grownups watched. FJ lighted up the grill to make us a burger 🍔 lunch, and a salad. Evening was a walk on the trails, while I was constantly reminding them for turning back in the gathering dusk.

Dinner was a at a local diner, where we got replete with fish to eat, before returning to the cabin to sleep. Next day we left after acquiring new magnets for our fridge doors.

Gone Fishing

I remember the time I wanted to make a cross stitch of fishes. I kept the magazine for a long time, hoping I will have time to make a tapestry. Time went by, and I never got around to it. The magazine got lost in my late husband’s transfers. Now I’m kind of glad that I didn’t make it. What would I have done with fishy eyes? Except to throw it away, and had time wasted on it.

 I did get a night light of fishes moving slowly in one direction for my grandsons, but by that time they didn’t live wth us (my husband and I), and had moved on to US. It’s a colorful display. I climbed to the attic to get it, and dusted it to take a picture.

The real thing is much better than this photo, and the the fishes are in brighter colors.




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We have been to Hartford, Connecticut today again. Main purpose was finding a home. One lady had invited us to have lunch with her at a local restaurant. We were to meet at Berlin mosque for Friday Prayers, and from there we were going together to have lunch. Thankfully we arrived before the rush of other prayees.  We found a good place for parking. The women area for prayers was upstairs. 

One lady I met in the mosque wanted us to get a house in her locality. She even offered to look after the two young ones when my daughter Nola wouldn’t be home. I had a nice surprise. A girl came and hugged me lovingly for a while. For a minute I didn’t recognize her. J and her family were our tenants in Peshawar, when my husband was alive. They were refugees from Afghanistan. Later on they shifted here. I became a witness that the world keeps on getting smaller. I couldn’t have imagined meeting her after a gap of eight years.

We are shifting in two days time from the hotel in New York. The young ones are going to enjoy living in the new place. The club house is near, and it has an indoor swimming pool. There is a fishing area within the gates, where there are plenty of fishes, and Farmington River is there for kayaking. 

Tired and happy we reached New York back by eight thirty.




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After spending the whole day fishing in Galveston, we were on our way back to Houston. Along the way we stopped at Subway. I looked at the cookie jar, and my mouth watered at the sight of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I didn’t realize I must have been very hungry. 

My son bought four of them. One would have sufficed. I thought maybe he had bought them for the four of us, not knowing they were meant for me only. Later on I wished I hadn’t  asked for them. I had one, but didn’t like the taste. My son asked me, ” Why wasn’t I having the rest of them?”

 I told him that I didn’t like the taste, and he was welcome to them. Two weeks later they were still lying in the same place. Again I was asked the same question, “Why wasn’t I having them?” 

I am confused as to which part in my answer he didn’t understand. 




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Oft Repeated

I wish the Daily Prompt comes up with some new topics. This said I will write about the trip we took to Carvins Cove, Virginia. The Carvins Cove Natural Reserve spreads over 12,700 acres, and is known for hiking, biking, fishing, boating and kayaking.

My daughter Nola had packed a lunch to take with us. It consisted of baked chicken wings, corn on the cob and a salad of strawberries, fresh spinach, tangerines and walnuts. After finishing with lunch we returned to the lake.

We had two options. One was kayaking, and the other one was pedal boating. I don’t know swimming. As a child I didn’t have an opportunity to learn, and as an adult I had become a bit squeamish. Then a time came when I wanted to learn, my (late) husband squished the idea.

The lake was fifty feet deep so Nola and I opted for a pedal boat as both of us were non swimmers. The four children (two to one kayak) donned their vests and were soon mere specks on the lake. 

Nola made me sit first in the boat. We wore vests too. Nola climbed over with strict instructions that if the boat turned over I should hang on to the side of the boat, and shouldn’t let go. The boat had a mind of its own. It didn’t want to leave the shore. We would face it outwards, and it would turn inwards. After struggling with it, Nola called out to a boater who had arrived with his own boat. His reply was he knew his own boat, and had never sat in a pedal boat. Many like him were arriving with their own large boats.

It was disheartening. There we were ready to take off on our adventure and we weren’t able to do so. We climbed down. While I waited, Nola went to the couple who let us hire their kayaks and boat. There was no refund of money. The couple had charged us more for the use of the pedal boat.

We took a kayak and changed our vests. We were soon on the lake. I won’t deny the fears I had that if it capsized I will be touching the bottom. Nobody was there to save us. The owners had told us the tales of those who didn’t make it.

We soon got the hang of it. To turn right we used the oar to the left, and to turn left it was the other way round. To go straight we used both sides. One hour passed so quickly. It was fun. It was a cloudy day so we didn’t get sunburned.

The children didn’t want to leave. They were persuaded to leave with a promise of seeing the movie The Antman at the theater. With our muscles and joints aching with the unaccustomed exercise we headed home.

Daily Prompt: Missing Sequels

If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?