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My Pride and Joy

It used to be my home in Peshawar. The love which welled in my heart at the sight of it surprised me. Now I have been away from it for two and a half years. I just hope everything is fine.

Three years back when my husband died, I sold what I had in the lower portion. It squeezed my heart to breaking point to let everything go. I dulled the pain by trying to shut my brain about what was happening, since the most prized person had already slipped away.

My most prized possession is my iPad now. It keeps me entertained. Morning begins with the Azan on it for morning prayer. I hear the recitation of Quran when I am having my breakfast. IPad is my sketch and writing pad too. News, entertainment (which currently extends to Property Brothers and Fixer Upper) reading, FaceTime with daughter, writing of my blog—- all done with the help of iPad.

I can’t think of life without it.


Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession?