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A Shopping Spree

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

To Home Depot, or Lowe, or any garden center where I could buy all the plants I want. There are a number of plants, and containers I like, but I have to look at my budget.

Top at the list is a garden bench I have wanted for a long, long time. Although I’m paying for it, Son invents excuses for not buying. The latest is that it might fall on Maryam (grand daughter) when she is playing outside. First of all she is never outside without supervision. Then it is so heavy, I can’t budge it, so how can a toddler who is one year, and three months old, will be able to dislodge it, and cause it to fall?

Either of these two benches will be acceptable. Now who is going to convince Son?

The Old Stump

In 2009 we (my late husband and I)  visited our old friends and neighbors in Abbotabad. Our visit was a huge surprise for them. We had almost forgotten the way to their home.  The previous empty plots of land had new houses built on them. It was no wonder we couldn’t find our way. The area was un recognizable.

While we waited in the drive way, their man servant went inside the house to tell them about our coming. I looked at the garden, and was delighted at finding the old tree stump I had given them was still part of their landscape. It looked enchanting with an urn of flowers on top of it, and more plants and flowers planted around it in the soil. 

I felt a pang of regret at the moment, why did I part with it? 




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