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IB watching his IPad while having breakfast.


I laughed when IB (grandson) told me quite earnestly, “Dado you don’t have to spoil me. You shouldn’t pamper me”.

He had refused the dinner I had cooked, telling me he didn’t feel like eating anything. Worried that he might feel hungry later at night, I offered to make whatever he wanted. I wasn’t able to tempt him to food, and he only had an apple before he went to bed.



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My life is chaotic

Of that I am sure

Beds to be made

Cups and dishes to be washed

Apartment to be cleaned

Food to be cooked

Grocery needed

Do I have time to shop?

Now where has the day gone?

(Sheen-November 2016)




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Red Pill, Blue Pill

The pills, if they are here can be used sometimes

But I won’t like to take a pill every day

Except for those days when I can’t getaway

The aroma, the taste of food in my mouth

The incredible feelings I feel

Are too good to be thrown away

My eyes does the feasting of their own

When they alight on food each day

Daily Prompt:

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


Thank you God

Dear Allah, I wanted to thank you. You have given me, an insignificant human being, a mere speck in this world, a lot of things. Some are those, for which I asked, and some those, which you bestowed upon me without my asking. “You are my One, True God.”

You made me whole giving me eye sight, the gift of hearing and the use of my limbs. You have given me good health. Masha-Allah. You have given me shelter in the house I live. Suppose I was on the streets without a roof over my head, how would have I fared?

You give me my daily food, all the things I like to eat. There are so many people out there in the world, who go without food and remain hungry. You have given me drinkable water, clear and sweet. Without it I would not have survived.

You gave me a father, who was kind and lovable.

You gave me a husband, who loved me and looked after me, till death took him away.

You gave me two children, who are the best in this world.

I can mention a whole lot of things. It’s endless. You are Merciful, Kind and Great.

You gave me everything I wished for. I remember once I wanted cherries to eat and there were none in sight. H came from the office, bearing a box of cherries. I was amazed and delighted, “How did you get it?”

“A friend sent it from Quetta.”
I confessed, “This morning I was wishing for cherries.” He laughed and said, “You should have wished for something better.” And this happened a lot of times. Whenever I wished for cherries, I got them.

I love Lichees. Dear God, you gave me trees full of Lichees in my own home, where I can have them to my heart’s content. The many times I yearned for a thing, I got it.

Dear Allah, I thank you for all you have given me. I know I cannot thank you enough, for the kindness and infinite mercy you have shown me. I love you God. Please forgive me for my shortcomings. Please bear with my one wish now, and let it come true. “Dear God, save me from hell, and give me a place in your Heaven, when I leave this world for my ever lasting home. Amen.”

Thank you God