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I couldn’t sleep last night. I was missing IB (grandson) wondering when I’ll be able to see his dear face again. So the next best thing I did was to scroll the recent photos I had of him, and played puzzles. The app makes photos into puzzles. I had a happy hour doing the puzzles, and the bonus of seeing IB’s face grinning into the camera all over again.

How difficult it is to find decent foot wear for walking purposes? Whenever I have the opportunity I look into the footwear section. My old ones are fast disintegrating, but I’m not finding any pair to my liking. Hope till then my old ones last.

My foot size seems to be a universal size for all women. It’s always missing from the shelves. The other sizes are there except for my size, or they are available in designs I won’t like. Does this happens to others too?



While living in Peshawar, I depended upon Son to send me footwear from here. Son’s and mine tastes differ. What he thought his mama would prefer, and what I liked weren’t the same. After initial disappointments, I looked up online, and would send him the requirement. That plan worked perfectly, except for a big snag.

We have extremes of weather in Peshawar. In Summers Mercury shoots up, and Winters are very cold. The vagaries of climate didn’t agree with my American shoes. They would disintegrate right in front of my eyes. Once the cold weather started, I would take out my various pairs to see whether they required any buffing. Sometimes one, or two of them would be gone beyond the need to polish, while some pairs would last another season.



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