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As soon Son sits in my car, he turns the fan full blast, and then the AC. What happens when I sit in his car as with the recent journey to Fort Worth? We just got back. I am roasting in the back seat with IB (grandson), Son is pulling onto the highway, but the AC hasn’t been turned on. 

I’m perspiring, and getting mad at him with each passing minute.I vow to myself silently– he is going to get the same from me when he gets into my car. But there is one thing I can say with certainty, I will never behave the same way.

My contention is: if a person expects a courtesy from you, it is only right that the same courtesy should be extended to you.

Yesterday IB wasn’t smelling nice, more like rotten Apples. His explanation was that he had not  washed his feet, and changed his socks. Today I made sure that he took a shower. I washed his feet myself, while he kept giggling. I dried his feet, and made sure that he was wearing clean socksby putting the socks on his feet myself. He was running barefoot in the hotel room, and I was getting concerned about germs.

I was thinking will he do the same for me if I’m unable to wash my feet? No! I don’t think so. I iron Son’s clothes, but in my lifetime no one has ironed my clothes except when I had maids to iron them. Will Son iron my clothes? The answer is again no. I’m definite he will say there is no need to do so, why can’t you wear them without ironing? He will think me a pest



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