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Fourth of July

Last evening we went to watch the fireworks at Collin College- Spring Creek Campus, Dallas. There was quite a crowd gathered there. We had taken along food, cold drinks, a pair of rugs to lounge on the grass, and a chair for me. Nola (daughter), and FJ (son in law) had invited guests to come , and enjoy the fireworks with us.

The young ones played with frisbees, while Nola, and FJ guessed impossibly long words on hangman. Evening was fast approaching so we stopped waiting for the guests (who still had not shown up), and started eating. Soon it was going to be too dark to see what we had on our plates.

The fireworks were as late as our guests who had their comeuppance in the form of not being allowed to enter the gates, and had to wait outside.

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We were sitting directly under the fireworks, and all of us shrieked the first time it happened. It looked like we would be showered with it. Thankfully nothing like that happened. Once it finished it was a problem to get out. Long queue of cars waited to leave. Our guests had left for our home. They had to wait a long time for us to come home.

Fourth of July 2018

From the roof top of the covered parking.


Normally you don’t see anyone when Son, and I come out for a walk, but today it was Fourth of July many were up, and about waiting for the fireworks display at 9.30 pm. A few days back we had discovered the roof top of the parking area.

Earlier Son had said that it was a ten minute walk to the pier which was the venue for the display, and we could easily walk there. I vetoed the idea. After all the roof top was much nearer. It seemed everyone else were of the same mind, and were way ahead of us in getting coveted spots for videos, and photographs.


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Daily Prompt: It’s Your Party
Since many are marking their country’s birthday in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low – key birthday boy/girl?

A Happy Fourth of July to Readers across US.

I couldn’t resist putting Google’s birthday celebration on my page.

I was a very welcome addition to our family. I was born eight years after my elder brother. My mother was ecstatic with joy on my birth. She had prayed for a second child to God, for a long time.

Oh! This is embarrassing (as told to me by aunt Zarin). Marriage proposals for a new born inundated my mom, when the relatives saw me for the first time. Girls were betrothed at an early stage in those days. Sometimes on the eve of a child’s birth. It’s terrible to think of it. The poor child not knowing to which world she had arrived, and what she would be facing in the future.

Thanks and Praises to God that this custom is not prevalent nowadays.

What were my mother’s feelings, I will never know. She died when I was five.

My dear father showered me with love. He kissed my cheek, and if I was sitting, he would drop a kiss on my head (at whatever time he saw me). It was many times during a day.

He couldn’t see my tears. Whatever I asked for was mine for the asking.

I usually asked for books. Magically they would be beside my pillow, when I opened my eyes, first thing in the morning.

But there is one thing; birthdays never got celebrated in our home. My birthday, or my siblings — no never.