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I search for my insurance cards. They were in my green bag, and I’ve to transfer them to the black one I’m carrying. I can’t find them, and I feel frantic that I’ll miss my appointment with the doctor. I turn the bag upside down, and now my bed is strewn with things. Where could they disappear?

Both my feet have ballooned into something I don’t recognize as my own two feet. Are they really mine, or they belong to an alien?

My Sciatica have come back in full swing. The left leg throbs with pain, and walking has become difficult. For the last two days I take Advil to numb the pain. The self medication leaves my mouth dry, and I feel like napping all the time. I have to walk to the doctor’s office, as there is no car parking.

I can’t even say my prayers. In the midst of a prayer I’m asleep, wake up with a jolt, probably my guarding angels trying to tell me that I’m in the presence of God, “Hey! Wake up—you haven’t completed”. I try to shrug off the sleep, but unable to do so–and go back to sleep. 😴


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