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When IB (grandson) was here, he would forget to close the fridge door. It remained open for hours on end, till I visited the kitchen on some errand. At reminding, he wouldn’t acknowledge his misdeed. Someone at home did it everyday. It wasn’t me, and he said it wasn’t him, so there it rested till another day began anew. We never agreed on who did it?

Last evening my mind recalled what IB used to do, because Nola’s fridge started beeping. Son and I should get a fridge like that when IB visits us again to remind him to close the door of the fridge, after taking out whatever he wants.

Yesterday evening I was talking to Nola (daughter) on FaceTime. I was trying to remember something I wanted to tell her. The darn thing wasn’t coming to mind, and without realizing it I started tapping at my chin. Nola watching me mimicked my movements. She was laughing. It was then I realized what I was doing, and stopped. In my case the cells for recalling must have shifted there somehow without my knowledge.



I like to collect fridge magnets. I wander through shops to find new ones, and add them to the collection over the fridge surface. The above one — I bought in Saudi Arabia. This one is mine. Another one, a bit different from this hangs on the side of the fridge. That one was a gift from me to Son.

I usually buy one for myself, and another one for Son, or for my daughter. Some of my magnets are gifts from daughter. She knows how much I love to get them.



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One Day of my Life

Trio No. 3
by Ben Huberman
Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).


I was tired, and covered with dust, and grime. I had worked at cleaning my place the whole day. I had reached home from Riyadh, after two months. Lala (my elder brother) had come to fetch me from the airport.

After sitting in his car, I requested him to take me to the CSD Complex first before taking me home. I needed to stock up on eatables like milk, eggs, chickens, bread, vegetables — everything necessary to start my kitchen once again. The shopping done, Lala dropped me home, leaving me in the driveway with my bags and groceries.

Making my home habitable took the remaining part of the day. It was night now. I badly needed a shower to clean myself from the dust which had settled down in my hair, and on my face.

I turned on the tap. There was a minute trickle of water. I realized that the water tank must be empty. We had used up all the water to do the cleaning. Noman (servant) must have forgotten to turn on the machine to fill the water tank. I was really mad at his forgetfulness. I couldn’t ring the bell for him, knowing once he went off to sleep, you couldn’t wake him up. My (late) husband used to go, and bang his door, when he won’t answer, but for me it wasn’t appropriate.

Shedding tears of frustration, I went to the kitchen to retrieve two bottles of water from the fridge. They were cold, but I needed to wash my hands, and for the ablution before saying my Isha Prayers.

You can imagine how awful I felt with making do with so little water.
Everything clean except for me.


Strawberries And Cream

Last week, I visited our village. I brought back with me fresh strawberries from the fields. My brother and neighbors were delighted when I sent them the fruit. The thing was, it was fresh and larger than the market variety.

Equal amount of sliced strawberries and whipped cream makes a nice dessert when it is chilled properly. I simply love it. My favorite is strawberry jam. Way back I used to make a huge amount to last us a year long. I would sterilize the bottles and store the prepared jam. Now, I take an easy way. Suppose it is four cups strawberries, I add two cups sugar to it. Add to it the juice of two lemons plus half a cup of water. Put the pot on slow heat till the sugar melts. Increase the heat so that it is bubbling. Keep stirring (I suddenly remembered this part) till it reduces slightly, or the consistency you want. Add one table spoon butter to bring a sheen to it. Another second or two and take it off the cooker. Pour it into a clean jar and after it cools put it in the fridge.

Its mouth watering and a million times better than the store brought variety. The plus point, it’s free of preservatives.