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I have a video of it in a VHS cassette. It’s lying in the spare room, which used to be my sewing room. It now holds all the household junk with which I can’t part. Some day, and somewhere in the realms of my mind there lurks a hope — maybe the things there turn out to be useful. I’m sure that’s not the case, but still I can’t throw away.

My late husband, my dear, darling daughter, and I had gone to spend a few days in the Northern Areas. I don’t remember the exact location for it’s truly a long while ago —but it definitely holds a place in memory.

They had a bet that if Nola held her finger in the frigid water of the stream for five minutes, she would get five thousand bucks. She had several attempts at it, laughingly allowed by her father each time she wanted another try.

She was sourly disappointed!


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