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A Moment in Time
by Ben Huberman
What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

Sn and IB

Both my grandsons Sn, and IB like to jostle each other. When they have nothing better to do, they chase each other up the stairs, or down. It’s nice to hear them laughing, and having mock fights.

At times they have a mock battle with make shift swords of cardboard, or rubber. With their shouts, one is prone to fear something serious is happening. In reality the two younger ones have fun times together.

IB even tackles the eldest H, and can fight him with equal gusto. When IB feels he is losing a fight, he puts the blame on the elder two, and have his mom to the rescue.



I am staying with my son. It’s so different from staying on my own. At my own home I remained busy. Looking after the house, getting groceries, cooking, gardening, going for my Quran classes, visiting friends and relatives or having them in return, the days whizzed by. Here, mostly I sit in my room overlooking the back lawn and stare out of the window. 😕 Occasionally a bird stirs and fly through and that’s it.

My days brighten up when my sister calls, so I get someone to talk to. She introduced me to VC Andrews recently. I got my third book of VC and have started reading it. I am so glad that I have got books to read otherwise I would have died of boredom.

Books are fun. They are companions. They take you to their world, making you forget the world you are in. I am weak at heart and that’s why I choose light fiction in books. At times even these books have scary parts which gives me terrible pangs. What I do is—— skip that part, or jump right to the end to see that, ‘All’s Well.’ I see in my mind’s eye at moments like these, my granddaughter M2 shaking her head at me, “No Nano, you can’t do this.”