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A Day at Galveston


Till the last day I didn’t know whether I will be traveling by bus to Houston, or Nola (daughter) was going to take me back. The children were having a spring break. Since the nearest beach was at Galveston, so it was decided we would spend a day there.

A storm was predicted over there in the early hours, so we departed for the beach after two o’clock. The younger ones were soon knee deep in the ocean, while the older ones TJ, and IB went further into the waves. They would jump the incoming waves. At times they went further, and Nola, and I had to shout that they can’t do that. A little while later they would again do the same thing. We had to constantly keep an eye in their direction.

TJ is the taller one.

Earlier we had bought pizzas to eat on the beach. The wind blowed sand into it. We were hungry enough to swallow sand with every bite. Couldn’t do anything about that.

I gathered sea shells in a paper plate soon after eating our food. The children wanted to stay till sunset. Nola put her foot down despite the children’s clamor to stay. We gathered our things, and trudged towards the car. Turn, by turn the children changed their wet apparels for dry ones inside the car, while we waited outside. In the process of changing they managed to get the back seats full of sand.

Nola had to clean the inside, and outside of the vehicle once we got back to Houston. I kept her company with brushing leaves off our driveway, (putting them in bags) which the two trees in our front yard sheds all the time profusely. I’m still in Dallas, and the leaves are having a merry time in my absence by littering every nook, and corner of my front yard.


We had gone to Galveston on a day trip. That was the year 2015, and we lived in Houston. Shortly after reaching there, I badly needed to use a restroom. There was none in sight. Son took me in his car to search for one. We found an outhouse. It was simply archaic. I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t live in the era when there were no toilets, and running water.

Same was the case when my late husband, and I went for Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca). It was the year 1996. I was thankful that I prevailed upon my husband in going for Haj, because from 2003 to 2012 were the worst years of my life due to illness.

There weren’t any restrooms in Arafat and Muzdalifah. I have heard that problem has been resolved for the Hajees (those who are performing the pilgrimage).


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Galveston, July 2016

The children wanted to fish. Son, and grandson IB spent the whole afternoon buying a fishing pole, worms and other paraphernalia for spending a day in Galveston. I never knew fishing needed a whole cart load of things. 

IB kept the fishing gear beside his bed. He was so excited, and the first to get ready for our fishing excursion.  As we didn’t have a fishing license, we could only fish on the pier which jutted out to sea. We bought whole day tickets for the right to fish.

IB waiting for a fish to get caught.

IB caught this fish.

Sn and IB caught a lot of small fishes, which they didn’t keep, and threw them back into the waters below. Son and I had to prize them off from the pier to go in search of sustenance, and plus say our Zuhr Prayers in the local mosque. They impatiently ate their food wanting to get back to their fishing.

Sn (grandson) holding a fish. I barely had time to take a picture, when he threw it back into the sea.

In the evening Son, and I kept reminding them that it was getting dark, but they wouldn’t budge. It was eight before we managed to leave. The children were reluctant. They wanted to carry on. Despite the late hour we saw more people coming for late night fishing. Sn vowed with himself aloud to come another day, and spend a night in Galveston for fishing.




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After spending the whole day fishing in Galveston, we were on our way back to Houston. Along the way we stopped at Subway. I looked at the cookie jar, and my mouth watered at the sight of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I didn’t realize I must have been very hungry. 

My son bought four of them. One would have sufficed. I thought maybe he had bought them for the four of us, not knowing they were meant for me only. Later on I wished I hadn’t  asked for them. I had one, but didn’t like the taste. My son asked me, ” Why wasn’t I having the rest of them?”

 I told him that I didn’t like the taste, and he was welcome to them. Two weeks later they were still lying in the same place. Again I was asked the same question, “Why wasn’t I having them?” 

I am confused as to which part in my answer he didn’t understand. 




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No Time For It

I have to take care of today, which what really matters. I don’t live in the past, and I don’t have time to ponder over my childhood. Please bear in mind that the novelty of a prompt is no longer there when repeated all over again. I need a home to return to Houston. I am racking my brain to raise money to get one.

I am trying to sell the village property which my late husband gifted to me in lieu of marriage. I know what it’s worth, but people think I maybe a dimwit, or think being desperate, I will accept a low, laughable offer.

It’s just like in Galveston TX. Outsiders who visit the place, fall in love with it and buy a spot. When they need to leave — no one comes forward, and in the end it has to be left like that.


Childhood Revisited

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.


Going Nowhere


Muscat. Photo thanks to son-in-law FJ
With my (late) husband out of the picture, my two children decide my fate —- where to go, and how?

My son S rarely goes anywhere with his work schedules. In the almost two years of my living with him (on May 11 it will be exactly two years), we have only been to Dallas, and Galveston. 

With my daughter Nola, life is a whirlwind. You never know where you are going to end up? She is another extreme. Last year it was Boston, and Raleigh, North Carolina. I only went to Boston. She wanted me to come to Raleigh. I didn’t go (I had been to North Carolina in 2006), so she came here to Houston to see me, and each day we were on a sight seeing trip. 

I am looking forward to her visit in July this year (Inshallah), and see where, and what I am seeing?


The Happy Wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

If We Go Back

Daily Prompt:If I could Turn Back Time
If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?

Galveston Beach, 29th March, 2014

If We Go Back