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All the Colors

An enlarged framed photograph (of me) hung on the back wall of our king size bed in our old bedroom, when my husband was alive. I look out of it holding in my hands white flowers of Motia. It was taken by our son, who was camera phobic in those days. 

It was Eid day. I was expecting more guests in the evening. I had come out to gather the white flowers to make the rooms smell nice, when my son snapped a photo. It was a lovely shot — catching the brilliant green of the grass, and trees, the violet pink shade of my dress, the orange, and yellow streaks of the setting sun in the blue sky; the riot of colors of the sweet peas behind my back, and the red geraniums which bloomed in the flower pots.

The photo lies in the attic now, as are the other photos; except for a framed photo of my husband in uniform which is in the hallway. The colors have gone away.



Roy G. Biv

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.

We Were The Stars

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.
Show Perspective.

An e- mail from my plants to me.

Dear Sheen, Our Sad Nods To You.

You would open the outside door, down the steps you would come, and greet us all. It was a sight, dear to our hearts. It would be evening time. The sun who scorched us during day, would be leaving to take a nap.

We would sway in the light sprinkling of water with which you would quench our thirst.

Your smiling face haunt us now. Just see, when you were here, we never thought you will abandon us for such a long period. We thought we were the moons, we were the stars in your existence. What happened to us? We miss you. Don’t you miss us?

Last year when Mr.R was having Chemo, the most you used to be away was two weeks or a month.

You have left us at the mercy of Mrs.A, who occasionally peeps out at us, from behind the curtains. She doesn’t have any time for us. She never comes out and talk to us. We are sad and disillusioned.

You would be talking all the time to us, examining us and removing dead foliage. You would be dead heading faded blossoms, your face flushed with the exertion, removing damaged leaves and stems. Your looking after us, kept us healthy.

Your brown hair would be falling on your face, while you bent to peer at us. At moments like those, you would forget your aching back, which hurts a lot we know. You would remove the slimy slugs and beastly snails, accompanied with jumping back, and low shrieks of Eee…….. , so that the next door neighbors won’t hear you.. The snails have punched holes in the Lilies’ leaves now.

The Geraniums are looking pathetic with brown leaves. We all look the same with tattered foliage.

The lilies of the Valley are overcrowded in their pots. The Palms have cracked their containers. You have to come and fetch new pots for them. The Ferns look pale now. We hope they survive till you come back to us.

Your Chinese Grass is over run with weeds. The weeds are having a jolly good time, if you ask our opinion. Nobody takes care of us like you used to do. Please come back soon. Waiting, your Loving Plants.
We Were The Stars

Images: Thanks to Google