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Have a fun filled Halloween.

My aunt Zarin would talk of ghosts coming every Thursday evening to see their homes, and loved ones. It wasn’t, and it isn’t true. It was just stories she made up to keep us in one place. When I was young thinking of dead people would give me the creeps. Anytime when the thought of death would come into my mind, I would give it a shove to the back. As a child I knew death had taken away my mother, and as a teenager I lost my father. As if by not thinking of it I was trying to keep my loved ones safe.

I keep away from watching scary, or ghoulish movies. Sitting alone, I was switching channels in the hope of seeing something worthwhile. There was one which looked interesting. I looked at the guide. Once I determined it was going to be a horror one, I hurriedly switched to another channel. I was alone. I didn’t want to scare myself. Although there was a moment when I was about to give in to the urge to see it.



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